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The ADJ Fog Fury Jett is a high velocity vertical Fog Machine that mixes color into the fog from 12x 3-Watt RGBA LEDs.
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Available now from ADJ USA • $329.99

The ADJ Fog Fury Jett is a high velocity vertical Fog Machine that mixes color into the fog from 12x 3-Watt RGBA LEDs.  With new advances in ADJ’s heater technology, the Fog Fury Jett produces a dry even blast of fog over 25 feet (7 meters) in the air. It has a special heating element design that uses an oil type transmission throughout the pipeline to prevent clogging. It is also equipped with a high performance Italian pump system for optimum output. ADJ’s Electronic Thermo Sensing (ETS) technology is on-board to maintain optimum heat levels with short warm-up time between fog blasts. 

The Fog Fury Jett may be use vertically or horizontally. The reservoir tank may be mounted in the front or rear of the unit so the machine may be pointed up or down. The ADJ FFJWR wireless remote comes included with the Fog Fury Jett.

For a CO2 style effect, use ADJ's F4L QD, quick dissipating fog fluid.



700W professional DMX vertical Fog Machine with 12x 3-Watt LEDs

High performance pump for optimum output

ADJs Electronic Thermo Sensing (ETS) technology

Special heating element design that uses an oil type transmission pipeline system to minimize the possibility clogging

3 Operational modes: Manual, Remote Control, or DMX Controlled

• 5 DMX Channels, 1, 2, 3 5 or 7 ch

4-button control panel & LCD display on rear panel

3-pin DMX XLR In/Out connections

Convenient carrying handle

Low Fluid Indicator on rear

Warm-up time: 9 min

External fog fluid tank: 3 Liter

Fog Output: 20,000 (cu.ft/min)
• Fluid Consumption: 120 ml/min

Tank can be mounted to either front or rear so that the effect may be pointed up or down

Included Accessory: ADJ FFJWR - wireless remote

Power Connection: IEC AC In

Safety Loop on board 

Only use high quality, water-based fog fluid

Light Source: 12x 3-Watt LEDs, (3 Red, 3 Green, 3 Blue & 3 Amber LEDs) 

Heater: 700W

Voltage: AC 120V, 230 or 240 50/60Hz (non switching)

Power Consumption: 730W (Full on)

Dimensions (LxWxH): 15.5x 12x 7.5/ 397 x 302 x 191mm

Weight: 16 lbs. / 7.1 kg.

• ETL Approved





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Fog Fury Jett User Manual User Manual Download
Fog Fury Jett User Manual (Rev. 8-15) User Manual Download


Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our frequently asked questions below. Please feel free to send us your questions by clicking here.

I recently purchased two of this American DJ fog fury jet I'm using adj F4L ECO Fog Juice but this fluid causes the fire alarm to go off and it has happens to me in two venues already . What option of fluid can I use instead of this one . Looking for something that doesn't stay on the air for along period of time (filling the room with clouds ) and that it doesn't affect fire alarms

There is our ECO FOG fluid which is a thinnr fog,and quick dispursing. You have to be careful even with this fog juice that you don't put out thick clouds of fog as the fire alarm sees clouds of particulates even water vapor as smoke.

Hello. I have asked many people and companies. What it the difference between the fog fury jett and the chauvet geyser. And are the differences noticable. Thank you

Well to begin with the FOG FURY JETT is 4 colors ,RED,GREEN,BLUE AND AMBER.The Geyser is 3 colors. Throw distance seems to be the same at about 25' and they can be hung to shoot down or placed on the floor to shoot up. The FOG FURY JETT has a larger tank so it can last longer betwen fillings. THe Geyser is 17,000 CFM and the JETT is 20,000 CFM output. The Fog Fury Jett is also designed with a special heating element with an oil transmission system thet keeps the fog fluid hot from the tank to the nozzle. Also comes with a wireless remote.

For further specs you may want to look at this link:

I purchased a Fog Fury Jett to use in a stage presentation where I need to make two giant Tiki statues breathe smoke from their noses. The machine is mounted on it's side and produces a nice effect but the machine is spraying drops of fog fluid onto the stage. There is dancing taking place there and dancers have slipped. Any solutions or remedies?

The machine is only to be used right side up or firing down hanging from a truss. It was not designed to work as a side mount. This is per the TRUSS MOUNTING paragraph on page 15 of the instructions. Fire it upright and you shouldn't have any problems.

Please help clarify for me. EVRY ADJ Videos of the Fog Fury Jett on your website shows if being used HORIZONTALLY and even on your Pro Light and Sound Video the presenter indicates it can be used Horizontally yet ADJ response to the horizontal Tiki Statues spraying juice drops says that the Jett is only to be used vertically. I just ordered a Jett from B2LightingFX. If horizontal usage is NOT a design usage why does ADJ continue to have and show/indicate such in their videos ?

THe unit can be used horizontally.

My ADJ Advantage number is 129920. This is my 2nd request for clarification from ADJ. Fog Fury Jett: horizontal usage: YOUR FAQ TIKI STATUE response says "not to be used horizontally" yet FOUR of your Official ADJ Videos (i.e. live webinar, Pro Light n Sound) AND as I unboxed today THE BOX MY FOG FURY JETT CAME IN all say/show that unit can be used horizontally. C'mon ADJ, please respond. I'm halfway to going thru the trouble and expense to send this unit back bcuz I can't get a response from ADJ as to if horizontal usage is not allowed and/or creates hazardous condition(s) (and subsequently void my warranty...)

The unit is safe for horizontal use, and the information on the site and the new instruction manual is being changed to support this fact.

hi there, i am just wondering if you can adjust the amount of fog blasts?

There is no adjustment except full on or off.

Is it possible to daisy chain multiple units and have them controlled via on controller for operation?

Yes it is. Just use the in and out dmx connectors to connect several together and give them the same DMX ADDRESS. The controller will see them as 1 fixture.

Hello- Does this machine cycle on and off during the duration of being plugged in/on? How long does it take for the machine to cycle on after it has been warmed-up?

Hello Laura,

The warm up time on the fog fury jet is about 9 min when powered and for each fog burst it takes less than a minute for the fog fury to recharge for another fog burst. Let me know if this answers your question,


Trying to get the unit to operate with lights and fog independent as stated in the manual, "can be used to just control light output with no fog output" (page 10). Tried both 5 and 7 channel DMX modes without success. Both fog and color are latched together. Is there a firmware upgrade that can provide this functionality?

Please e mail

Hola, conecte y configure vía DMX la máquina a un controlador (Dmx512), mientras tengo seleccionada (scanner) la máquina la controlo sin problemas, pero al cambiar a otro scanner, la máquina se activa sola. ¿Qué está pasando? Gracias

Please contact