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Latest News

ADJ To Host ‘Stay Connected’ Series Of Educational Live Videos

Over the next few weeks, ADJ will host a series of live video broadcasts that will provide educational content and in-depth product overviews. Each installment of ‘Stay Connected’ will have a specific focus and provide an opportunity for lighting and event professionals to upskill from the safety and comfort of their own homes ready for when the COVID-19 pandemic is over and the world is ready to celebrate! Read More.

An Update From The ADJ Group Of Companies On COVID-19

Toby Velazquez, President of the ADJ Group of Companies, has written an open letter to all ADJ customers and users to address the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The company's primary concern is the health and wellbeing of its employees and customers, however - with a reduced workforce and following safe working practices - the company will remain open (Monday - Thursday) throughout this time to fulfill orders and provide customer support. Read More.

ADJ’s Eye-catching New RGB LED Dancefloor

Designed to get any party started, ADJ’s MDF (Magnetic Dance Floor) System is a new portable illuminated dancefloor aimed at event production and mobile entertainment companies. Featuring vibrant LED illumination, a robust yet lightweight design, a unique magnetic connection system for easy setup and individual control of each panel via DMX, it is ideal for creating impact and atmosphere at a wide range of corporate and private parties and events. Read More.

Featured Videos

The ADJ Experience

Production Companies and Rental Houses Across the Benelux Region #LightTheSky

Production companies across the Benelux region came together recently to show support and solidarity for those fighting the Coronavirus pandemic by sending beams of light up into the night sky at a co-ordinated time.

Almost 500 ADJ Mirror Balls Fill New Nightclub's Ceiling

Mirror balls have been used to create atmosphere in nightlife venues for almost a century. Chicago's Dance Studio Vol. 1 takes this lighting staple to a new level by filling the ceiling above its dancefloor completely with ADJ mirror balls of various sizes.

Irish Country Star Nathan Carter Tours With ADJ Lighting & Effects

One of the biggest stars of the immensely popular Irish Country music scene, Nathan Carter and his band recently finished a 13-date tour of England backed by an ADJ-led lighting and effects rig.

ADJ Shines Spotlight On Altitude Trampoline Parks' Flagship Location

Altitude Trampoline Parks use ADJ lighting to add color, excitement and atmosphere to many of their facilities. This includes the recently-opened ‘flagship’ location in Fort Worth, TX, which features a total of 220 ADJ fixtures.

ADJ Hydro Series Lights Pennywise and The Vandals at San Diego Festival

A rig comprised exclusively of ADJ’s IP-rated fixtures, including Hydro Series moving heads and Encore Burst 200 LED blinders, was used to illuminate one of the stages at the inaugural Wonderfront festival in San Diego, CA.

Lighting at San Francisco Pier 39 Attraction Revitalized Using ADJ Fixtures

Magowan’s Infinite Mirror Maze has been a staple of San Francisco’s famous Pier 39 for over a decade. When it was time to upgrade the original lighting fixtures, the venue’s resident ‘light artist’ chose ADJ units to replace them.