F4L QD 4 Liters Fog Machine Liquid
SKU: F4L200 | UPC: 818651020892
The F4L QD is Quick Dissipating Fog Fluid that is designed to similar to a CO2 effect when used with the ADJ VF Volcano, Fog Fury Jett or Fog Fury Jett Pro. Comes in a 4-liter container.
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The F4L QD is specially formulated to quickly dissipating after its projected out of a fog machine. It has been designed to work like a CO2 effect when used with the ADJ VF Volcano, Fog Fury Jett and Fog Fury Jett Pro. Using the F4L QD with one of ADJ's vertical fog machines is a great, cost effective alternative to expensive CO2.


The F4L QD comes in a 4-liter container and is a safe, water based fluid approved by the FDA. A material safety data sheet is available in the downloads section.


This fluid is also available from ADJ Europe (model: Fog Juice CO2): http://tinyurl.com/yamqnkrf





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