WiFLY Transceiver

Ideal for DJs, nightclubs, bars or any event where visible data cables are undesirable, the ADJ WiFly Transceiver allows for the constant and reliable wireless transmission of DMX signals to any WiFly compatible unit within 500 feet of the Transceiver. Will function in busy RF, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi environments.
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Do you have ADJ WiFLy DMX products but are using a standard ADJ DMX controller? Then you need the WiFLy Transceiver from ADJ. This wireless DMX Transceiver will make your DMX controller function as a WiFly DMX controller allowing you to completely control any other ADJ WiFly DMX products such as light fixtures. By using WiFly technology you can reliably send and receive a constant signal from all your WiFly units without having to worry about the hassle of all those DMX cables. By significantly reducing your need for DMX cables in your production you make set-up easier, reduce the risk of a plug failure or tripped over wire, while also making your whole production cleaner and less cluttered. Made from high quality materials, the WiFly Transceiver is built to last and with such a low weight you'll be able to easily transport anywhere you're throwing an event. Break free of the shackles of DMX cables today with the WiFly Transceiver from ADJ.



  • Wireless DMX Transceiver (Transmitter/Receiver In One)
  • Compatible with other ADJ products with WiFLY
  • Up to 500 wireless feet (open line of sight)
  • One transmitter can send to many receivers using the same radio channel
  • Receivers automatically listen for transmitters (no pairing required)
  • Supports up to 16 DMX-512 universes
  • Dip Switches to select from 16 different radio channels (one DMX universe per channel)
  • 3-pin & 5-pin DMX In/Out
  • Wireless Frequency: 2.4 GHz DSSS
  • Includes Omega Bracket
  • Power Supply: DC 9-12V
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 4.75” x 4.75” x 1.5” / 115 x 115 x 38mm
  • Weight: 2 lbs. / 0.67 kg.





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WiFLY Transceiver User Manual Download
WiFLY Wireless Frequency Chart Download


Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our frequently asked questions below. Please feel free to send us your questions by clicking here.

The specifications list 500 feet as the maximum line-of-sight distance, while several other WDMX systems list around 500 meters. Why the difference in distance, or is it just a typo?

It looks like the amount of data that the system can handle is  factor in distance limitation of this system. The WIFLY systen cam handel up to 12 Universes of data or about 6144 channels .  

The new EXR product has extended range of up to 2500 feet open line of sight.                                                                                                                                                         

Can I Use a Wifly to receive dmx info directly from luminair on an ipad over wifi? So without a computer.

WIFLY is not directly compatible with Luminair.

Can I independently control multiple units that each have a wifly transmitter, such as your spherion TRI LED light and REV 4's with your Wefly NE1 or RGBW8C?

RGBW8C and NE1 will control these lights but the NE1 is more suited to Moving lights than the RGBW8C.

Is the transmission encrypted? If not how do I keep someone from taking control of my lights?

Only one signal can be established with this product so no one can interfere when you link them together.

Once a wifly has been used in the signal chain can you then use the DMX outputs as normal to the nexxt chain of lights? And if so is there any limit to how many can be chained together from one Wifly unit? Does it support only one DMX Universe? Thanks in Advance. ;)

Hello Banzai,

Yes, you can go dmx out from the wifly transciver to go into your chain of lights. To be on the safe more than 20 fixtures in the chain and yes, it supports one dmx universe. Let me know if you have any further questions.