The Versaport is a great way to convert any analog signal into digital files. This easy-to-use audio interface connects directly to your PC by its USB connection. Record audio with your computers built-in audio recorder or your favorite audio production software (see recommendations below). (RCA cables not included)
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Many of us have large amounts of analog media like: cassettes, 8-tracks, and LPs. With analog decay becoming a reality you want to make sure your precious collection is backed up digitally. The ADJ Versaport is the answer with it's easy to use layout and broad compatibility factor.

You can use the ADJ Versaport to transfer that analog media to your PC through Windows capture or your favorite audio production software (see the recommendations below). A USB 1.1 compliant port will allow you to connect this device to any computer with an open USB port. There is also a Mic and Monitor level knob available so you can adjust the volume of the audio being captured. The headphone and mic jack will allow the Versaport to record your karaoke session with no hassle.

The Versaport is USB powered so you don't have to look for an AC adapter or worry about voltage when out of the country. Use the east-use audio interface and convert your old media to digital with the Versaport from ADJ.

Import audio using these programs (plus others):
• Windows: MME, MS DirectSound, Steinberg ASIO & Audition
• Macintosh: Garage Band, Audio Hijack Pro(OSX) & Sound Manager (OS9)

System Requirements:
• OS: Microsoft Windows 98/ 98se/ME/ 2000/ XP
• Computer: Windows compatible computer with a USB connector
• CPU/ Clock: pentinum II processor 233 MHz or higher (win98/ SE/ ME)
• Pentinum II processor 400MHz or higher (win2000)
• Memory(RAM): 64 MB or more
• Hard Disk: 120 MB or more
• Display: 800x600 or higher/ 65,536 colors (16 bit High Color) or more



  • 16-bit/48 kHz AD/DA converter
  • USB 1.1 compliant
  • Mic level knob
  • Monitor level knob
  • Line/ phono selector
  • Headphone & Mic jack
  • 4 channel - 4 input & 4 output
  • RCA analog connections
  • USB bus - powered, adapter-free
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 130” x 120” x 40” / 4.72” x 5.1”x 1.57”
  • Weight: 0.33 lbs. / 0.15 kgs



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