Stage Setter 8

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For the effective control of par cans via dimmer packs the Stage Setter 8 from ADJ offers versatility of operation through 3 different operating modes, four build-in programs, and eight user programmable programs. It operates using standard DMX-512 protocol, is MIDI compatible, and includes a fog machine output control.
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Complete your par can setup with by tying it all together with the Stage Setter 8 DMX Controller by Elation Control Systems and offered by ADJ. This quality constructed DMX controller offers you the ability to fully control the dimming and on/off of your par can setup via dimmer packs. Operating in 3 separate modes and offering a range of customization and built-in programs, the Stage Setter 8 is an essential component of any par can lighting production. Functioning on standard DMX-512 protocol as well as MIDI compatible and including fog machine output control, the Scene Setter 8 can be tied into your entire production system with ease. This portable device is perfect for any size stage production, permanent or mobile. Manage your lighting like a true professional, get the Scene Setter 8 from ADJ today.



  • Three different operating modes; 2 x 8 (two banks of 8 channels), 8 x 8 (eight channels), 1 x 16 (one bank - 16 channels) 
  • 8 or 16 channel DMX operation 
  • Four built-in programs 
  • Eight user programmable programs 
  • Fog machine output control (compatible with ADJ Vaporizer, Stallion, MB-700, and others) 
  • XLR polarity switch 
  • Standard DMX-512 protocol 
  • MIDI compatible



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Frequently Asked Questions

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on this stage setter 8 controller, with it having 2 dmx outputs on the back, can you hook up one output to dimmer packs for par cans, and then on the other output run to rgba mega bars and have the ability to control them all from this board?

No as they are parallel or in otherwords, they are the same output.

We have just purchased a Stage Setter 8 and 2 Dotz TPar System light bars. We are just a community theater and mostly need to be able to turn the individual lights on and off separately. Getting differently colors will be cool too, but all I really need to do is get white lights to come on and off right now. I plugged in the lights and controller per manual but I couldn't get it so the first 8 faders controller the 8 cans. That's all I need for now. Any help will be appreciated. Not sure if it's the Setter 8 or if I have the wrong things set on the Tpar.

Hello Adam,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, you have the wrong controller for that system. You need a dmx operator to be able to control that system. Let me know if you have any further questions.