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For the best quality and realistic fake snow, use none other than American DJ's very own Snow Gal Snow Juice. Your snow bubbles will be bigger, denser, and float in a much more realistic and fun way. Snow Gal Snow Juice is designed for use in the ADJ Snow Machines.
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Make it the holiday seasons any night you wish with Snow Gal Snow Juice from ADJ. Your crowd will be amazed at the realistic looking snow being produced by your snow machine. Used in a machine such as the ADJ Entour Snow, VF Snow Flurry HO, or VF Flurry Snow Machines, Snow Gal will create a snowy foam wonderland that will have the dance floor going wild. Bring in the cheer anywhere this year with the king of all snow machine fluids. It's as easy as just opening the bottle and pouring it in and you'll have a snowscape in a matter of minutes! The ADJ Snow Gal Snow Juice will give you the largest, densest, and most realistic snow bubbles possible. You can play in this snow, dance in it, build a snow man of sorts, give yourself a snow beard, the possibilities end when your crowd is too exhausted from having fun. Make the right choice for your party setup today and let it snow the best, with Snow Gal Snow Juice from ADJ.



  • Specially formulated for use in Snow Machines like the American DJ Snow Flurry
  • Create bigger, denser, better floating bubbles 
  • Designed for use in the ADJ VF Flurry or VF Snow Flurry HO Snow Machines
  • Available in 1-gallon containers



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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our frequently asked questions below. Please feel free to send us your questions by clicking here.

How much does a gallon produce (time-amount)

It is a variable nunber. For instance our Mister Kool machine has these specs. 2500 CU FT/MIN output

Tank Capacity 0.5 Liter

Fluid Consumption rate 16~11 Min/Liter (100%) Output= 14min per liter.

So with our machine you will have 7 min at full output. Other machines will vary.

Is there an MSDS spec sheet for this product?

Please go to this address and open the download.