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Creating a spooky low-lying fog effect is easy with the Mister Kool Fog Machine from ADJ. Using standard fog juice, ice cubes, and a 400W heater, the Mister Kool creates an effect similar to dry ice in water and is easy to clean afterwards.
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Nothing is cooler than dancing to music and lights while dense white fog flows around your ankles. Thanks to the Mister Kool Fog Machine from ADJ this is not only possible, but less expensive than the alternatives. Like the famous effect of putting dry ice in water, the Mister Kool creates a very similar low-lying layer of fog using only fog fluid and ice cubes so you don't have to deal with the hazards of dry ice. Because the Mister Kool Fog Machine uses fog juice and ice cubes you don't need an expensive fog chiller or air conditioning unit to try and achieve the same effect.
Your crowd will be more than pleased with the fog layer on the dance floor this unit will make, you'll be the hit of every party, Halloween event, theater production, or regular just-having-a-good-time party. Combining a fog machine with lasers and lights makes the light more visible thus creating a far more exciting and dynamic atmosphere. While this machine may make things foggy, your choice is clear, get the Mister Kool Fog Machine from ADJ today and take your events to a whole new level.



  •  Low-lying fog stays low to the ground–similar to a dry ice effect 
  •  Uses standard fog juice and ice cubes 
  •  No need for expensive fog chillers, bulky air conditioning units or dry ice 
  •  Includes timer remote with On/off switch 
  •  Perfect for Halloween and theatrical events 
  •  Load up to 4 pounds of ice in the chiller box 
  •  Water drainage valve system allows for easy cleanup. Water drains directly into the provided plastic bag. 
  •  Heater: 400W 
  •  Fog fluid container: 1/2 liter (external) 
  •  Dimensions (LxWxH): 19.25” x 12.5” x 10.25” / 490 x 315 x 260 mm 
  •  Weight: 17.5 lbs. / 8kg 
  •  Output: 2500 cu.ft/minout 
  •  Tank Capacity: 0.5 Liter 
  •  Fluid Consumption Rate: 16~11 Min. / Liter (100% output) 14 Min. / Liter Average



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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our frequently asked questions below. Please feel free to send us your questions by clicking here.

My Mister Kool Did Not Come with any cleanup instructions? Can I leave the High Density Fog Liquid in the reservoir or should I empty the fluid back into the container it came with?

If you are using the proper fog fluid, there should not be any clean up. Leave the liquid in the container in tge Mister Kool. If you are going to store the machine for any leingth of time, you will need to run it about once a month to maintain operation.

Can the Mister Kool also be used as a smoke machine/ fogger if you don't fill it with ice?

The unit will operate like a normal fog machine if no ice is introduced.

Hi, what is knob with red handle for? Tnx

Hello Nick,

Thank you for reaching out to us. The red handel is a valve that releases the water into to the catch bag. Let me know if you have any further questions.


How much noise does a Mister Cool make ?

A Mister Kool produces the same noise as a basic fog machine. It has a fan that forces the smoke towards the ice compartment and out the front, but the pump noise will flood out that sound. 

Can I use dry ice in the machine instead of ice? This will make clean up easier on my end!