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The American DJ H2O LED simulates multi colored water flowing effects on any surface. Great for mood or background lighting you can turn a boring cement floor into a night amongst the waves. Keep the party going with six colors and three effect wheels.
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The American DJ H2O LED simulates hypnotic multi colored water flowing effect on any surface. Great for mood or background lighting you can turn a boring cement floor into a night amongst the waves. Keep the party going with six colors and three effect wheels. Seamlessly scroll through colors or pick a single one to project upon your dancers. Your guests won’t know what hit them when not only the music but the atmosphere of the club comes alive in a myriad of colors and ripples.

Not just a nightclub can take advantage of the H2O LED light fixture, switching to a slow dance at a wedding or a high school dance? Switch to the American DJ H2O LED and let the world fall away. Transport yourself to the dunes of a beautiful desert or the beaches of an ocean with the waves hitting the cliffs. Use with or without fog for whatever effect you are going for on any specific night or event. Make your venue unforgettable for all those in attendance with the American DJ H2O LED.



  •   Bright 10W LED simulated water flowing effect
  •  Designed to project on walls, ceilings or floors with or without fog – great for mood or background lighting
  •  Equipped with 2 glass effect wheels and 1 independent dichroic color wheel
  •  6 colors: Orange, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple and White
  •  High-tech plastic molded ends protect unit during transport and day-to-day use
  •  Manual focusing lens
  •  2 operational modes: seamless scrolling colors or single color operation
  •  Beam angle: 34 degrees
  •  Includes hanging bracket
  •  Run all night – units stays cool – no duty cycle
  •  Power consumption: 22W
  •  Long life 10W LED (30,000 hr. rating)
  •  Switchable voltage: 115V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz (IEC Plug)
  •  Dimensions (LxWxH): 8.75”x9”x7.5” / 222x229x187mm
  •  Weight: 8 lbs. / 4 kg.
  •  ETL Approved





The following downloads are available for this product:

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H2O LED Cutsheet Download
H2O LED Photometrics Download
H2O LED User Manual Download


Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our frequently asked questions below. Please feel free to send us your questions by clicking here.

Hi, there is a photometric chart available inside the PDF manual and as a separate PDF. They show some very different values. The separate PDF only shows for one beam angle and is fairly weak compared to what is shown in the PDF manual. The manual has both beam angles and is showing lux values quite similar to the H2O PRO?

I will have to get with the QA Team to sort that out. I can verify the Pro has a 50Watt LED and the H2O has a 10Watt. I will try and get photo metrics updated ASAP.

If I connected it to a relé, would I be able to turn it on and off a couple of times a day wihtout damaging the unit. -fredrik-

Powering off and on the unit on a power distribution center is not harmful. Just make sure the unit you plug into has no dimming capabilities since dimming the fixture with power will cause damage.

Do you have any experience with attaching a gobo to this light? I have been asked to project a shimmering silhouette of a person and am wondering if this tool would work.

It was not designed as a Gobo Projector. We have the GOBO PROJECTOR IR and the IKON IR for this purpose.

Is it possible to get replacement glass effect wheels?

Replacement parts can be ordered directly from the ADJ Online parts store.