DMX Operator Pro

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ADJ's DMX Operator Pro controls up to 136DMX channels. Its is MIDI controllable and has a built-in microphone. Also it records up to 8 programmable chases with fade times and different speeds. The 8 individual faders provide easy programmability for intelligent lighting or dimmer packs.
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ADJ's DMX Operator Pro is a 136 channel hybrid lighting control device designed for DJ’s, clubs and small touring applications. This controller allows operators to easily manipulate conventional and moving lights via simple to use buttons and faders. The DMX Operator Pro puts programming, playback and live manipulation of Scenes and Chases at your fingertips       

The DMX Operator Pro can control up to 8 moving lights, each consisting up to 16 channels- max 128 channels. Up to 96 programmable Scenes and 8 programmable Chases can be recorded for the moving light section. Other features include a Tap Sync button for manual Chase override, Step/Mix/Sequence button for Chase playback, Audio button for music trigger (via internal microphone or line level input), Group button to control more than 1 fixture at a time and four speed and fade faders for manual override of Chases. 



DMX Channels
  • 136 Total. 128 channels for Intelligent & 8 Channels for Par Cans

Intelligent (128 channels)
  • 8 individual fixtures each with 16 DMX channels
  • 96 programmable scenes
  • 8 programmable chases with fade and speed control

DIMMER / ON/OFF (8 channels)

  • 8 individual channels
  • 96 programmable scenes
  • 6 programmable chases with fade and speed control
  • Back-up memory using a 32 MB Compact Flash Card
  • Fog Machine trigger button
  • DMX Patching
  • Tap Sync
  • Fixture Group function
  • Step/Mix Sequence function: automatically sequences your chases





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DMX Operator Pro User Manual (Rev 12/04) User Manual Download


Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our frequently asked questions below. Please feel free to send us your questions by clicking here.

Can the DMX Operator Pro be used as a peripheral to control the "MyDMX" software? Similar to the way that the Elation Midicon works with the emulation control software? If not, is there a controller you recommend or is this feature not possible for mydmx?

My dmx does not have a controller that will work as a peripheral with it.

I just bought the DMX Operator Pro 136DMX Channels. However you only list 3-4 fog machines that it is compatible with. Are there others?

Hello Jason,

Thank for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, Dmx Operator is only compatible with the fallowing fog machines.

Fog Storm 1200 & 1700HD

VF1300 Fog Machine

Let me know if you have any further questions.


Hi - I purchased the DMX Operator Pro and have scoured the manual - I can program moving light scenes no problem, and have programmed par scenes as well. I also understand that I can set fade time with a chase - but can I set a fade time for a scene and then just push the various scene buttons as I need them?

The fade time on the DMX Operator Pro does not apply to individual Scene playback. When selecting a scene, the board will immediately snap into the programmed scene.