DMX Operator 384

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The DMX Operator 384 is a 19-inch rack mount controller that controls both DMX and Midi. it will control up to 384 channels of DMX, and it features 30 programmable scene banks (240 total programmable scenes), 12 programmable chases and an assignable joystick.
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The DMX Operator 384 is a 19-inch rack mount DMX hardware controller for lighting effects that are compatible with DMX protocol. It also doubles as a Midi trigger devise. It will control up to 12 fixtures what 32 DMX channels each (384 total channels). There are 30 programmable scene banks with 240 total programmable scenes. 

The DMX Operator 384 features an assignable joystick for better programming control, 8 control faders with 4 channel banks, a fog machine trigger (compatible with specific ADJ Foggers).



• 2 controllers in 1 (DMX and Midi controller)

• 12 Fixtures- 32 DMX channels each, 384 total channels

• 30 programmable scene banks- 240 total programmable scenes

• 12 programmable chases

• 8 control faders x 4 channel banks

• Assignable Joystick

• Speed and Fade faders

• Built-in microphone or  Line level RCA audio input for music trigger

• MIDI input for scene, chase or blackout trigger

• Tap Sync button for chase speed over-ride

• Fog Machine input and trigger button (For use with ADJ VF1300 only)

• Blackout button





The following downloads are available for this product:

Title Description
DMX Operator 384 User Manual User Manual Download
Software Update V22 and Upgrade Instructions Software Update V22 and Upgrade Instructions Download


Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our frequently asked questions below. Please feel free to send us your questions by clicking here.

Need to read a manual before I buy To be sure it does what I need Please send link to manual for Operator 384 Jeff

The manual will be avaliable on our web site by the end of the month. It will be a PDF which will be a download.

I have the DMX operator 384 S/N: 13554247 connected to some Inno Pocket Spots. It is working fine except that the joystick do not respond proportional, it should give small increments when just pushed slightly. (It react too fast)

The Pan and Tilt Speed can be adjust on the Inno Pocket Spot through DMX. While in 9 channel mode, channel 7 controls the movement speed. While in 11 channel mode, channel 9 controls the movement speed. The default speed is set to the maximum, use the channels mentioned above to slow down the movement.

I can use the MIDI and USB protocols simultaneously?

Hello Hernane,

THank you for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, you cannot run midi and usb at the sametime. It's either/or. If you have any futher questions, feel free to let us know.


hi i have a DMX operator 384 and when i try to connect with usb on my computer iMac the program My DMX not see the DMX operator, i have need a driver?? Have a second question please, where can have a ssl2 file for my ADJ Stinger? very tank for read me.

Please call us at  800-322-6337 and please have the controller handy when you call. We will provide a walk through and a profile that you need.

I'm an audio engineer with a local band in WI. We just purchased the DMX Operator 384. We also have 4 SlimPar 56 lights from Chauvet. I have assigned fixture one starting point at d--1 on the light, fixture two at d--33, fixture three at d--65 and fixture four at d--97. Fixture one is responding completely out of sync with the other fixtures. Specifically the blue light on the control faders is backwards up is off down is full on. I am new to this but any help would be great. Is there a way to perform a factory reset on the DMX Operator 384? Thanks again.

Hello John,

Make sure the slim pars are in the same channel mode as the rest of them. If this doesnt help contact are service dept. 


Can I set fade times between scenes so I can smoothly fade from one scene to another?

Hello Kieran,

You cannot set fade times between scenes. You can only adjust the fade time. For example if you set a fade time of 5 seconds all the scenes are going to fade in 5 seconds. If you looking to set fade times for each scene I would recommed My Dmx 2.0 software for that. Let me know if you have any further qquestions.