Dekker LED

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The Dekker LED from American DJ will give the night club that amazing light show people are looking for. With its array of color beams and long list of features, the Dekker LED from ADJ is sure to offer something that will peak your interest.
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Looking for that high energy, strobe effect that is going to rock your dance floor? Then look to the Dekker LED DMX-512 from American DJ. With its light weight and portability, it is perfect for easy setup and entertainers on the go. Using the DMX-512 protocol you will be able to control electronic dimming from 0%-100%.

The Dekker LED offers a RGBW LED that allows for a variety of color effects by using 40 lenses to project a rainbow of color beams onto the dance floor. The included 4 operational modes will make sure that whether you are new to the game or a pro, that you will get the functionality out of the Dekker LED that you expect. If you want to set it up quickly in no time right out of the box, use the included Sound Active mode to let the lights and colors move to the beats of the music.

The ADJ Dekker LED will run all night, every night with its long life LEDs (50,000 hour rating) and will withstand the test of time with its durable construction.The In/Out IEC power connectors will allow you to daisy chain this device and use the American DJ UC3 remote control (sold separately), to operate them. Pick the Dekker LED up and bring your light show to the next level.



  • High energy DMX-512 LED effect that produces RGBW (red, green, blue & white) colored beams from 40 lenses
  •  Features 2 bright 5-watt RGBW LEDs - The American DJ RGBW LED allows for a variety of bright color effects
  •  Light in weight and portable for entertainers on the go! 
  •  Strobe effect
  •  Electronic dimming: (0-100% in DMX control)
  •  DMX-512 protocol
  •  3-button DMX LED menu 
  •  2 DMX Modes: 2 Channel or 8 Channel modes
  •  4 Operational modes: DMX, Sound Active, Master/Slave, Manual
  •  Adjustable sound active sensitivity dial
  •  Includes hanging bracket
  •  Run all night - no duty cycle
  •  Power consumption: 25W maximum 
  •  Long life LEDs (50,000 hr. rating)
  •  Multi-voltage operation: AC 100V-240V 47/63Hz
  •  1/4” input for optional American DJ UC3 remote control (sold separately)
  •  In/Out IEC power connections to daisy-chain power
  •  Dimensions per unit (LxWxH): 11” x10” x 10.25” / 280x251x260mm
  •  Weight (per unit): 9 lbs. / 4kg.





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how do I put my dekker light in a sound active mode

Dance Mode:There are two dance programs to choose from, fast dance and slow dance.

1. Plug the fixture in and press the MODE button until"1--X" is

displayed. "X" represents the current number being displayed.

2. Select your desired dance program by pressing either the

UP or DOWN buttons.

3. 1--1 is a fast dance program. 1--2 is a slow dance program.

Hello. I am interested to know how exactly this device behaves in a room where the fog device is being used? That is, how does it behave when the fog is present, and also how does it behave when there is no fog at all. Thanks.

Here's a link to a video that shows how it performs with fog.

When used without fog, the beams will not appear.