The Crank-2 is an adjustable, extending steel tripod designed to allow mounting/adjusting of various lighting fixtures and cross-beams at a lower height before raising them to their intended display height. Leave the ladder at home and purchase the Crank-2 adjustable stands.
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If you're ever tried to mount or adjust lighting fixtures high in the rigging of a theater or on a cross-beam high above a stage, you'll know exactly why the Crank-2 from ADJ is so popular. This adjustable tripod cranks up to a height of 10 ft., allowing you to mount whatever cross beams and lighting fixtures you're using at a comfortable level BEFORE raising them up to their intended display height. By using these extending steel tripods, you won't need to lug a heavy ladder around in addition to the rest of your stage set-up, and you'll realize just how much more convenient it is to get everything mounted and adjusted before raising the cross-beams.

The Crank-2 tripod is available here as an individual unit, and can be combined with the LTS-50T I-Beam in whatever combinations are best for you. Or you could purchase the Crank-2 System for a more all-inclusive package.



  •  Weight capacity: 70 lbs./32 kg. 
  •  Crank-2 weight: 28 lbs./12.5 kg.
  •  T-Bar Diameter: 1.5-inch
  •  Steel tripod stand cranks up to 10 feet. For use with the ADJ Crank/TB or LTS-50T I-Beam. (See also Crank-2 System). 



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Just purchase the crank stand 2 and the fs-adapter to mount one moving light to the stand, however the adapter is missing something between stand and the adapter, currently all I received is just a stud adapter, what is the missing part that should attached to the stand?

Hello Edward. the Crank Stand will not work with an FS-Adapter. The adapter is only for the LTS-6