WiFLY D6 Branch

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Signal splitting/amplification is easier now thanks to the WiFly D6 Branch from ADJ. This wireless DMX Splitter/Amplifier allows for the easy connection to lighting units and the transmission of signals to them. Lightweight and easy to mount, functions perfectly as a transmission hub for any permanent setup or mobile entertainment system.
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Do you want to manage your DMX fixtures without the need for so many DMX cables cluttering up your production? The WiFly D6 Branch is the wireless solution you need. Combined with the use of a WiFly or wireless enabled ADJ DMX Controller, the WiFLY D6 Branch wireless Splitter/Amplifier allows to make your fixtures wireless and easy to manage. By significantly reducing your need for DMX cables in your production you make set-up easier, reduce the risk of a plug failure or tripped over wire, while also making your whole production cleaner and less cluttered.  Though lightweight, the WiFly D6 Branch is built from high quality materials making it the ideal blend of functionality, durability and portability. This unit is perfect for any club, bar, stage or mobile show looking to reduce their need for wires, decrease set-up time, and eliminate restrictions on where controllers and fixtures can be placed in relation to one another. Modernize your light show production today, go wireless with the WiFly D6 Branch DMX Splitter/Amplifier from ADJ.



  • 6-Way DMX Splitter/Amplifer compatible with ADJ’s WiFLY Wireless DMX built-in
  • 1x DMX In, 6x DMX Out & 1 DMX Thru (all 3-pin XLR’s)
  • Link with other WiFLY D6 Branch Splitters
  • Input & outputs are electrically and optically isolated from each other
  • Includes two straps to securely attach to truss
  • Clamp mount bracket included
  • On/Off power switch
  • Multi-voltage operation: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz (IEC Socket)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 6” x 4.75” x 4.75” / 150 x 120 x 120mm
  • Weight: 4 lbs/ 1.81 kg.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our frequently asked questions below. Please feel free to send us your questions by clicking here.

I would like to add 1 or 2 of the WiFly D6 Branch to my lighting system and I would like to calculate the power draw for the entire system. In order to do that I need to know how many amps this unit runs at. Also, since the input voltage is listed as "Multi-voltage operation: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz (IEC Socket)"; does the amperage change based on the input voltage?

Hi Christopher,

According to my sources the amperage should not change  since the transformer is what will regulate the current regardless if it’s,

100V to 240V. It should self regulate no matter the wattage.

Let me know if you have any further questions.



Can two of the transmitters be set to transmit the same DMX information on the same Wifly channel without causing any problems? I am trying to spread out transmitters in a large room and improve coverage.

Hello Stan,

Yes, you could set two with out having any problems.