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The American Audio VMS2 is designed for performance minded DJs looking for a solid, all-in-one Midi Controller to play MP3 tracks from their laptop, plus have the option to add CD Players and turntables to the mix.
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The VMS2 is a compact midi controller that features 2 channels. It comes with its own rack mounting kit. Also included is the Virtual DJ LE software, so It is it's own DJ Mixer/Midi controller all built into one. The American Audio VMS2 has 2 large scratch wheels that can be used in CD mode or vinyl mode for real time scratching. You will have no problem fading the audio with the actual faders that are available for pitch control. The button layout on the VMS2 is made to match the virtual DJ LE software.

Shorten or lengthen your loops using the multitude of loop controls included on the VMS2. Easily select a track using the navigation controls in the center of the controller. The DSP D-Core will give you a much louder output and your microphones are going to sound a lot better. It is compatible with the Inno Fader (not included) which is the one of the most used faders and is one of the worlds best crossfaders designed for heavy scratching.

Virtual DJ LE software may be downloaded here: CLICK HERE!



  • 2-Channel MIDI Controller
  • Bundled with Virtual DJ LE software
  • 2x MIDILOG™ Channels (compatible with any “MIDI Software”* or Analog Inputs - such as CD Players, Turntables, etc.)
  • DSP D-Core Inside: Studio Quality Audio Engine + Pro Stage Microphone Circuitry
  • Crossfader Curve Adjustment (adjustable)
  • Balanced XLR Outputs
  • Sound Card: 4 In/4 Out Audio Interface
  • 3-band EQ with rotary kills
  • Booth & Master RCA Outputs
  • Replaceable VCA cross fader (Innofader compatible)
  • 39 MIDI buttons have LED illuminations, including 16 with dual blue/red LEDs
  • 34 assignable rotary controllers
  • 10 assignable linear fader controllers
  • Dual layer MIDI controls on all buttons and switches
  • Dual 2048 point resolution touch sensitive turntable scratch controllers
  • Includes rack rails to mount to a 19-inch rack mount case
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 15.75”x12”x2.5” / 400x300x65mm
  • Weight: 9 lbs. / 5 kg.





The following downloads are available for this product:

Title Description
VMS2 Traktor with FX Mapping Traktor with FX Mapping Download
VMS2 Traktor No FX Mapping Traktor No FX Mapping Download
VMS2 User Manual User Manual Download
VMS2 ASIO Driver ASIO Driver (WIN 1.25) for the American Audio VMS2 Download
VMS2 Virtual DJ LE PC Software Download
VMS2 Virtual DJ LE MAC Software Download


Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our frequently asked questions below. Please feel free to send us your questions by clicking here.

Hello i would like to know if the VMS2 controller has a built in sound card

What are you going to connect it to to?

Can you run Karaoke using a VMS2?

I am sending this to info @americandj.com to answer.

Can it operate solely with the USB cable or does it need to use the AC adapter to get the supply of energy?

The VMS2.0 requires the powersupply as it does not operate off of USB power.

Does vms5 work with other software like or does it only works virtual dj

Hello Kerry,

Thank you for reaching out to us. The VMS5 will work with any midi mappable software. Let me know if you have any further questions. 


Where can I get a/the firmware update for the VMS2? Also is there a downloadable version of the firmware updater program if I don't have the original install disc readily available?

Hello Roy

Here’s a link to the latest firmware for the VMS2 (ver 2.5)


 Here’s the update tool (power supply must be connected to VMS2 when running the update)


The firmware is only provided upon request. If you have any further questions contact our service dept (323) 582-2650