The ADJ M-DCB/PSU power supply for M-DCBASE uses 1.5V DC power and is compact in size. A longer thin profile will allow the M-DCB/PSU to be plugged in those hard to fit spots in your power strip.
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If you need power for your M-DCBASE motor, then you will need the ADJ M-DCB/PSU. It offers 1.5V of power so the motor will operate as it is built to.

When you buy the MB-8 Combo, it does not come with the power supply for the M-DCBASE. So make sure to pick this up if you are also purchasing the MB-8 Combo.

The slim profile of the power supply will really let you plug it in anywhere on your power strip. The cord on the M-DCB/PSU is of substantial length, so you should have no problem reaching your power strip or wall outlet.

Running the incorrect voltage to a device can have disastrous effects. So pick up the M-DCB/PSU to make sure that you have the right power running to the M-DCBASE.





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