LED Pixel Tube 360 Sys 10

The ADJ LED Pixel Tube 360 is an exciting, bright LED color changing tube that consumes very little power, generates no heat and has an LED lifespan of 50,000 hours and they are visible for 360 degrees.
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Ready to have a stage that will amaze all your participants? American DJ's LED Pixel Tube System allows you to have 360 degrees of bright LED colors all around the stage. Complete with attached connectors and a 10-channel controlller/driver. ADJ's LED Pixel Tube System is perfect for the stage with little power consumption and generating no heat you will save your self money and your performers from sweeting on stage. ADJ uses the best LEDs with 50,000 hours lifespand and they are visible for 360 degrees. Its a must have for your stage.



  •   10x LED Pixel Tube 360 Color Tubes with attached connectors
  •  1x LED Pixel 10C (10-channel Controller/Driver)
  •  Extension Cables sold separately



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LED Pixel Tube 360 User Manual User Manual Download
LED Pixel 10C User Manual User Manual Download


Frequently Asked Questions

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Can this lamp be set to White light?

Hello Lee,

The pixel led 360 does not do white only colors. Let me know if you have any further questions.