Hypnotic RGB

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American DJ's Hypnotic RGB is a portable lighting unit that provides amazing web like effects utilizing red, green, and blue lasers. Easily synchronized with your music, the ADJ Hypnotic RGB will project over any surface of the room, creating a show like no other.
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As laser technology continues to improve so do the amazing effects we're able to create with them. Say goodbye to the days of straight lines and dots, the Hypnotic RGB delivers a unique experience with its trippy web effects delivered in red, green, and violet-blue. This amazing lighting device brings to life on the dance floor those effects that were once only possible in the media player effects on your computer. With the Hypnotic RGB working alongside your music you'll be able to create a truly psychedelic masterpiece as your crowd dances through a flowing web of colors. Lightweight and portable, you'll be able to bring this heady experience anywhere you need to, and drawing only 13 Watts of power you'll be able to direct the power where it's really needed. Lasers are the future and the future is bright! Get the gear you need to exceed expectations and rock the dance floor any night with American DJ's Hypnotic RGB. 



  •  Unique DMX laser that projects red, green and blue “web type” patterns
  •  Laser patterns can be projected on a dance floor, ceiling or wall
  •  2 DMX Channels
  •  3 operation modes: DMX, Sound Active & Master Slave
  •  Sound active from built-in programs
  •  Digital DMX Display with 4-button menu for easy navigation 
  •  High quality stepper motor for smooth movement
  •  Very low power consumption
  •  Includes hanging bracket
  •  Linkable via 3-pin XLR connectors
  •  On/Off button on rear panel
  •  Safety hook on rear panel
  •  Fan cooled
  •  Durable metal housing
  •  Beam angle: 78 degrees
  •  IEC In & Out to Daisychain Power (Connect up to 24 Hypnotic RGBs)
  •  1/4” input for optional UC3 remote control (sold separately)
  •  Multi-voltage: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz (IEC Plug)
  •  Power Consumption: 13W
  •  Laser Diodes: 1x 30mW Green + 1x 80mW Red + 1x 350mW Violet Blue
  •  Dimensions (LxWxH): 10.5”x9.25”x4.75” / 268x235x121mm
  •  Weight: 8 lbs. / 3.4 kg.
  • Laser Accession No. 1120396-000





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Frequently Asked Questions

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I went to multiple websites (best buy, amazon, guitar center, etc...) and on all of the websites it says that the hypnotic rgb is no longer available. Why is this? Did you discontinue the product and are making a new one because this really caught my eye and i would love to add this laser to my setup. Please answer as soon as possible. Thank you.

Hello Mitchell,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, this lazer has been discontinued. At this point nothing has replaced it at the moment. You could try ebay and see if maybe someone is selling on there. Let me know if you have any further questions.