When the team behind global event brand Wild Noize began planning the huge Saturday night party that would be the main event of their techno weekender in the Dutch city of Eindhoven, they knew that the production would have to be something special. Having received proposals from four leading production suppliers, they decided to go with the concept from Steven Samaan and his company Sound Solutions which involved an epic rig made up of more than 60 ADJ moving head fixtures.

Running across two venues from 10pm on Saturday evening through to 2am on Monday morning, the Wild Noize Eindhoven Weekender attracted more than 5000 techno fans from across the Netherlands. The huge Saturday all-night party took place in the historic Klokgebouw event space, which is housed in a former factory building that has been a landmark of the city for over 75 years.

Having previously organized events in other cities around Europe, including Amsterdam and London, this was the first trip to Eindhoven for Wild Noize and also their biggest party to date. This meant that they needed wow factor, so asked four of the Netherlands’ leading production companies to submit creative proposals for the stage set and lighting. The Klokgebouw’s main hall is a vast space, with a distinctly-industrial feel, which was perfect for Wild Noize’s favored style of underground techno but also meant that a powerful lighting system was required.

The winning tender was from Steven Samaan, of Dutch production company Sound Solutions, who pitched a rig filled with ADJ moving head fixtures. “The organisers wanted to make this night unforgettable,” Steven explained, “so I designed a rig that would completely fill the space with lots of moving beams. We won the job because we were able to offer more fixtures for the budget as we used lower cost ADJ units while the other companies were specifying much more expensive fixtures from the established ‘big brands’. We also used to own their fixtures, but then we realized that our clients didn’t care what logo was on the lights, as long as they did the job well. We moved across to using ADJ equipment, and that really gave us a competitive advantage.”

The successful proposal meant that Sound Solutions was contracted to provide the lighting and audio production for the whole event, which included the cavernous main room and also a second stage in another smaller hall. In total, across the two rooms, over 100 ADJ fixtures were deployed to transform the Klokgebouw’s industrial factory halls into a hi-tech underground music mecca.

For the main room Steven designed a distinctive festival-style stage set that gave the crowd a focal point in the vast hall. This involved a huge oval of truss, which hung at the back of the stage framing a smaller truss structure made up of two interconnected hexagons. A total of 12 versatile ADJ Vizi Hybrid 2R moving heads were rigged to the curves at either side of the oval to project beams out into the crowd, while a further 6 fixtures were also placed directly onto the deck, 3 at either side of the DJ riser, to allow beams to also fire up at the roof.

To give the event an intimate club feel, despite its large scale, Steven’s design also brought the lighting rig out into the crowd. Two large trusses flanked the main space, each rigged with a line of ADJ Inno Color Beam LED moving heads. Vertical trusses were then also attached, at regular intervals, to drop down closer to the crowd. Further Vizi Hybrid 2Rs were mounted at the end of each of these pieces of truss, which means that the crowd were surrounded by lighting fixtures on three sides.

To complete the rig, Stephen also specified 6 of ADJ’s Inno Color Beam Z19 fixtures to be hung from a truss positioned in front of the stage. He chose these potent LED-powered fixtures specifically for their motorized zoom function, so that the same units could be used to wash the stage and also for extra mid-air beam effects projecting out into the crowd.

As well as designing the rig and taking responsibly for the whole event as Project Manager, Steven worked as the audio technician throughout the night. Meanwhile it was the responsibility of Lighting Programmer / Operator Carly Eijlander to bring the impressive rig to life and run the show during the event. Using an MA Lighting GrandMA console, he programmed a wide variety of effects that made full use of the extensive lighting rig.

Using the Inno Color Beam LEDs, Carly was able to saturate the large space with vibrant beams of richly-colored light moving in sync with the repetitive beats of the music. Meanwhile, using the powerful Vizi Beam Hybrid 2Rs, he was also able to cut through the color washes with sharp GOBO projections and impressive multi-beam mid-air effects created using the fixtures’ in-built rotating 8-facet prisms. The result was an awe-inspiring lightshow that completely enveloped the crowd and created the ‘unforgettable’ experience that the organizers had originally requested.

ADJ fixtures were also used for the lighting rig in the smaller second room. Wash duties were performed by an impressive combination of 24 ADJ Mega Tri Bar LED battens and 12 ADJ 5P HEX pars. The latter being able to not only bathe the room in rich colors, but also fill it with atmospheric UV light. Further ADJ Vizi Beam Hybrid 2R moving head fixtures were then also used to add razor-sharp moving beam projections into the lighting mix.

“We had lots of good comments about the show, from the venue, the promotors… everyone,” enthused Steven. “Carly was also very happy with the performance of the ADJ fixtures. This was a big show, but we didn’t have a single problem. We were particularly impressed by the color consistency. With fixtures from other brands in the past we’ve had problems with differences in hue between the same color from one unit to another, but this isn’t a problem with ADJ. The effect speeds are also very good, as are the projection distances. Basically, ADJ fixtures do exactly what you expect them to… and a little bit more!”

The promoters of Wild Noize were so impressed with Sound Solutions’ work that they asked Steven to return for their next event. However, he has decided to take a different career path. Having gained so much respect for ADJ equipment during his time in the event production industry, he has recently closed Sound Solutions and joined the ADJ Europe team looking after sales in the Benelux region!

Event: Wild Noize Weekender, Klokgebouw, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Production Company: Sound Solutions (Owners: Steven Samaan & Michael Willemsen)

Project Manager / Audio Technician: Steven Samaan

Lighting Programmer / Operator: Carly Eijlander

ADJ Gear List:

Main Room
32 x ADJ Inno Color Beam LED
6 x ADJ Inno Color Beam Z19
26 x ADJ Vizi Beam Hybrid 2R

Second Room
24 x ADJ Mega TRI Bar
12 x ADJ 5P HEX
12 x ADJ Vizi Beam Hybrid 2R