Up-lighting has become a staple part of the décor at all kinds of parties and events, from mitzvahs to weddings and birthdays to corporate functions. However, for the mobile DJ and event production companies responsible for providing and installing the equipment, it can be a laborious task to run out the control and power cords when lots of fixtures are used all around a large banquet hall. Also, as this kind of venue lighting has become so prevalent, the effects have perhaps begun to look a little predictable. ADJ’s new WiFLY Chameleon provides a solution to both of these problems, offering a distinctive up-lighting effect as well as battery-powered and wirelessly controlled operation. This means that any room can be completely transformed with eye-catching up-lighting effects in no time at all, without the need to run out a single cable.

ADJ WiFLY Chameleon At A Glance:

• Tri-lens fixture for uplighting

• 3x 18W RGBWA+UV (6-in-1) LEDs

• Built-in WiFLY Extended Range wireless DMX (up to 2,500 ft)

• Rechargeable Lithium battery

• Individual Pixel Control

• Kick stand on rear to change fixture angle

• Control options: WiFLY Wireless DMX; ADJ LED RC4 and UC IR remotes

The compact and lightweight WiFLY Chameleon features three lenses arranged in a fan-shaped pattern pointing upwards. Behind each lens is a powerful 18W RGBWA+UV LED light-source that allows the creation of a vast spectrum of hues, ranging from brash primary colors to subtle pastel shades and everything else in between. When the unit is placed beside a wall each LED projects a colored beam through its lens to create a focused ‘finger’ of light that shoots up the surface. The three beams together create a distinctive fanned lighting projection, which can be further enhanced thanks to the ability to individually control each of the LEDs. This allows for multi-colored up-lighting - and even animated chase patterns – all from a single fixture.

Fitted with large rubber feet, the WiFLY Chameleon is designed to sit directly on the floor of a venue without the need for any rigging or mounting equipment. Positioned in such a way, the unit’s light effect will project up an entire wall, right to the ceiling. However, should you prefer tighter beams focused just on the wall, an in-built adjustable kickstand allows the projection angle to be easily altered, again, without the need for any additional hardware.

While the WiFLY Chameleon’s impressive effect and advanced 6-in-1 LEDs make it an attractive option for venue lighting, it’s in-built battery and WiFLY DMX really set it apart for other alternatives on the market. It means that the up-lighting system for a large venue can be setup in a matter of minutes and then controlled remotely using wireless DMX.

The unit’s rechargeable and replaceable Lithium battery offers 3.5 hours of life, with all three beams on full. An optional Energy Saving Mode can also be used to extend this operational time up to 5 hours - more than enough to cover the average evening function. When the battery has been exhausted, 3 hours is all that’s then needed to recharge it back up to full capacity. Mains IEC input and output sockets are provided for charging, which can also be used should you require the effect to run continuously for more than 5 hours.

For wireless control, the fixture offers ADJ’s advanced EXR (Extended Range) WiFLY that offers connectivity up to an impressive distance of 2,500 ft! Using its wireless DMX feature, the unit can be operated using any of ADJ’s range of WiFLY controllers, including the new battery-powered WiFLY NE1 Battery. However, should you wish to continue to use your existing cabled DMX control hardware or software of choice, that too is easily achieved as both 3-pin and 5-pin XLR sockets are provided for DMX input and output. It’s also possible to connect from your cabled DMX controller to the WiFLY Chameleon wirelessly, using one of ADJ’s compact WiFLY Transceiver units (sold separately).

The WiFLY Chameleon offers a host of operating modes to cover all situations; allowing for easy standalone operation or complete wireless control, depending on the requirements of the event and your personal preferences. If you’re looking for an up-lighting effect that you can ‘set and forget’, Static Color Mode and RGBWA+UV Dimmer Mode make it easy to create static up-lighting effects in any color of your choosing. Equally, if you want to add a little energy to a room, without the need for complex programming, the 22 built-in programs can easily be set to run either at a static speed in Auto Run Mode or synchronized to the music in Sound Active Mode. These pre-programmed patterns can be used on a single fixture, or set to extend across any number of units in a wireless Master/Slave setup.

Of course there are many situations where exacting control of a room’s up-lighting is required so that the effects can be incorporated with other DMX controlled equipment. Not only is this possible with the WiFLY Chameleon, but it offers a choice of six DMX modes ranging from a simple 6 channel option right up to an advanced 20 channel mode, which allows full color-mixing control of each of the three individual light sources.

If you don’t want to use DMX, but would still like to be able to choose colors and select the pre-programmed chase patterns remotely, the WiFLY Chameleon is also compatible with ADJ’s LED RC4 and UC IR wireless remote controls (sold separately). What’s more, it can also be used with ADJ’s innovative new Airstream IR control app for iOS devices. This extremely affordable control solution involves an IR transmitter, that plugs into the audio jack socket of your phone or tablet, and a free-to-download App. This then provides simple wireless control of colors, patterns, strobe effects and black out, all from the tap of a finger.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a mobile DJ searching for a simple way to enhance the wall behind your DJ console or a lighting designer looking to transform a large room, the WiFLY Chameleon offers striking effects that are impressive whether you have just one fixture or one hundred. Add to this the time-saving potential of its internal battery and WiFLY DMX control and it’s clear that the WiFLY Chameleon is a powerful lighting tool well worthy of investment.

To learn more about the ADJ WiFLY Chameleon, visit: http://www.adj.com/wifly-chameleon

Learn more about the WiFLY Chameleon in this video from Prolight + Sound 2016: