Road cases are a shrewd investment for a number of reasons. They protect your valuable equipment while it is being moved from event to event, extending its working life and preventing cosmetic damage such as dents and scratches. They also help to keep equipment clean, providing a barrier to dust during storage, as well as making it easier to carry, transport and store. However, when it comes to battery-powered fixtures, cases can also cause an inconvenience. Having to un-pack fixtures in order to charge them before loading them back up ready for your next gig is a chore that no-doubt you’d love to ditch. That’s where ADJ’s new Wi Flight Case comes in.

A solid-bodied road case, the Wi Flight Case offers complete protection for up to eight WiFLY Par fixtures. It also features integral wiring that allows all of the units to be plugged in for charging while enclosed in the case. A single IEC socket on the outside of the case is then all that needs to be plugged into the mains to allow all of the fixtures inside to be charged without even opening the case’s lid.

Built from 3/8-inch plywood, the Wi Flight Case has a robust construction that is designed to stand up to the rigors of a life on the road. Every edge is reinforced with aluminum and high-impact flat corners add extra protection. Tongue and groove sealing extrusions link the lid to the main case when it is closed, protecting the fixtures inside from dust and dirt. High-impact recessed spring latches on the rear of the case then allow it to open up to an angle of 90-degrees for loading, while heavy-duty recessed butterfly catches lock the lid securely in place for transit.

The inside of the case is divided into eight individual compartments, which are all lined on every side with ½-inch thick protective foam. Running down the center of the case are eight 3-prong Edison 120V sockets which can be used to connect power to each of the stored fixtures. With 12-gauge electrical wiring throughout and an integral 10A fuse, the stored fixtures can be safely charged while remaining enclosed within the case.

300-pound-rated high-impact blue casters are fitted to the case of the unit to allow easy movement over level surfaces, while two of the wheels can be locked to prevent unwanted movement during storage. The case is also fitted with four stacking cups mounted into its lid, which can be used to safely and securely stack multiple cases in a truck or storage location.

The external measurements of the case are 37.375” x 28.5” x 20.75” / 950 x 724 x 527mm (L x W x H), while each internal compartment has dimensions of 11” x 7.25” x 10.5” / 280 x 190 x 270mm. The case itself weighs 87 lbs. / 40kg, but its loaded weight will be dependent on the fixtures used.

Created especially for the ADJ range of WiFLY fixtures, the Wi Flight Case can be used to store eight of the following models (in any combination): WiFLY EXR HEX Par, WiFLY EXR HEX5 IP, WiFLY EXR QA5 IP, WiFLY Par QA5, WiFLY Par QA5 WH and WiFLY QA5 IP. The case is also the right size to comfortably accommodate ADJ’s brand new UV 72IP weatherproof UV wash fixtures.

The Wi Flight Case is an intelligently-designed and well-constructed road case built specifically to offer unrivalled protection to ADJ’s WiFLY Series of wireless par fixtures as well as to make charging them between events more convenient. If you currently own WiFLY fixtures, or are planning to make a purchase in the future, make sure that the Wi Flight Case is also on your shopping list as it is an investment that will not only protect your fixtures but also make your life easier. The Wi Flight Case is sold through ADJ USA and ADJ Mexico only.

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