When Watermark Church in Ashford, Alabama constructed a new larger sanctuary they brought in local audio visual company Premier Entertainment Group to install a brand-new lighting system. Long-time ADJ customers, the Premier team specified an all-ADJ rig to provide color, movement and GOBO projections to create the right atmosphere for the church’s dynamic worship services.

Having grown significantly over the past decade, Premier Entertainment Group started out as a DJ company but has expanded its services to the point that it is now predominantly a production and installation company. Headed up by Dave Guiler and Stephen Krietemeyer, the business offers concert and event production - covering audio, video and lighting - as well as permanent installations specializing in houses of worship.

Premier Entertainment Group had previously worked with Watermark Church on their special ‘Night of Worship’ events, when they provided extra lighting to supplement the church’s in-house rig. Through these events Dave and the Premier team built a strong relationship with Lead Pastor Todd Thorpe, Worship Pastor Tim Flowers and the technical volunteers at Watermark Church. This meant that when it came to kitting out the church’s new 850-seat sanctuary Premier Entertainment Group was the logical choice to design, specify and install a full new audio, video and lighting system.

The church already owned twelve ADJ Mega Bar 50 RGB LED wash bars, which Dave decided to retain for the new system. Most of these were positioned along the back of the stage to provide colored up-lighting for the textured backdrop behind the area used by the church worship band. A further three were then mounted above the stage to provide colored downlighting for the three musician risers spread across the stage.

These were then augmented by seven new ADJ Flat Par QA5Xs positioned above the stage, but further forward, to wash the front of the stage from above. Powered by five 5W RGBA LEDs these par fixtures are used to add bold colors to the stage during worship sets, while their Amber element means that they can also be used to provide a warm stage wash during sermons.

To complete the overhead rig, Dave’s team also installed four ADJ Inno Spot Elites to provide moving mid-air effects for upbeat songs as well as to project GOBO patterns onto the stage to add interest during slower, more intimate, times of worship. Powered by a potent 180W white LED engine, the Inno Spot Elite offers a host of professional features – such as rotating replaceable GOBOs, a 6-facet prism, and motorized focus and iris – while still coming in at a very affordable price point.

“Although it’s a very contemporary church,” explains Dave, “they didn’t want the lighting to be too distracting. That’s why we went for the Inno Spot Elites, as they came into the budget but still featured a 6-facet prism that is great for throwing a ton of subtle texture out there on the stage to get a really nice solid look. We also didn’t want to go with a discharge fixture, as we didn’t want them to have to worry about striking lamps or replacing them over time. The Inno Spot Elite was ideal as it offered the right level of brightness for the size of room, as well as the features we needed, at a price the church could afford, so it really was a home run!”

The system was completed by four ADJ Inno Color Beam Z7s which are positioned on top of Global Truss totems, at two different heights, spread across the stage. Each powered by seven 10W RGBW LEDs, these versatile fixtures feature motorized zoom which allows their beam angle to be altered between 10- and 60-degrees. This means that the same four fixtures can sometime be used to wash the stage and congregation with swathes of diffuse color, while at other times focused to generate tight beams of light for engaging mid-air effects.

In total 27 ADJ fixtures were used to create the rig, and we were interested to know what led Dave to specify an all-ADJ setup. “We gave the guys at the church a few different options, but they said, ‘We’re happy with the ADJ equipment we already have, so we think we should stick with them’. I said I think you’ve made a great decision, it’s really solid product. And it definitely was the right decision, as the rig has been in there for more than two years now and they haven’t had a single issue. It’s rock solid!”

Although far from a big-budget installation, by carefully choosing the right fixtures from ADJ’s value-centric range Dave was able to put together a highly effective and fully versatile lighting system for Watermark Church. While enjoying the low-maintenance and low-power advantages of an all-LED system, the church now has a lighting rig capable of drenching their sanctuary with bold colors, adding texture to their stage and enhancing energetic worship songs with fast-paced beam movement. What’s more, having now served the church faithfully week in and week out for the past two years without a single problem, this installation by Premier Entertainment Group demonstrates that ADJ lighting offers not only excellent value but also dependable reliability.

Watermark Church
Ashford, AL

Lead Pastor
Todd Thorpe

Worship Pastor
Tim Flowers

Equipment Supplier / Installer
Dave Guiler of Premier Entertainment Group

Lighting Design
Stephen Krietemeyer

Samantha Krietemeyer

ADJ & Global Truss Gear List:
12 x Mega Bar 50 RGB RC
7 x Flat Par QA5X
4 x Inno Spot Elite
4 x Inno Color Beam Z7
4 x Global Truss America Totems