Over recent years, the ADJ range of lighting equipment has expanded to cover professional-caliber fixtures that are designed for use in large venues. While offering immense output and advanced features, these products also benefit from ADJ’s commitment to providing excellent build quality and value for money. This expansion is set to continue, and a great example of one of these fixtures is the new Vizi Q Wash7. This 280W moving head wash fixture with motorized zoom and quad 4-In-1 RGBW LEDS is sure to create “great washes of light.”

Featuring seven immensely powerful 40W Quad LEDs, the Vizi Q Wash7 is a versatile moving head wash fixture that utilizes motorized zoom to create a beam angle of between 5- and 55-degrees. This means that the unit is capable of generating tight beams – perfect for mid-air effects – as well as broad washes – ideal for illuminating stages and venue features.

The Vizi Q Wash7 offers a wide tilt angle of 270-degrees and an exceptionally wide pan angle of 630-degrees (with an option to reduce this to 540-degrees). The fixture also features high-speed 16-bit stepper motors, which allow for both lightning-fast movements and smooth slow sweeps, as required. This means that the fixture is equally suited to fast-paced light shows requiring large, fast position changes as it is to creating slow, subtle effects.

Each of the unit’s seven potent LED light-sources offer RGBW quad color output. This means that the fixture can produce vibrant beams in any of its four primary colors – red, green, blue, and white – along with a vast palette of other hues that can be created by mixing together different levels of the four base colors. To aid with quick lightshow creation, the unit comes pre-programmed with 64 color macros which provide easy access to all the popular colors a lighting designer is likely to require.

The fixture offers smooth 0 – 100% dimming, for any selected color, as well as a choice between five separate dimmer curves each optimized for a different application (Standard, Stage, TV, Architectural & Theatre). It also offers variable speed strobing and pulse effects, allowing it to be effectively used to create energetic effects for nightclubs as well as concert lightshows.

Offering a choice of two operating modes, the Vizi Q Wash7 is easy to get up and running. In Program Mode, it can be set to run through its internal preset programs, with multiple fixtures connected together for synchronized master/slave operation. This allows an effective lightshow to be setup very quickly without the need for any programming. The effectiveness of such a setup can also be enhanced using the fixture’s pan/tilt inversion option, which creates contrasting movements for when two or more fixtures are running the internal pre-programmed lightshow in master/slave mode.

Naturally, for most situations in which the Vizi Q Wash7 will be utilized, it will be integrated into a larger DMX controlled system. For this, the unit offers a choice of three different DMX channel options, the most comprehensive of which provides complete control of every aspect of the fixture’s advanced feature set. The unit is equipped with a large backlit LCD screen which allows access to an easy and intuitive menu-driven interface for mode selection and DMX addressing. 
Plus, the Vizi Q Wash7 is equiped with ADJ's on-board WiFLY EXR wireless DMX that can transmit a wireless DMX signal up to 2,500 ft./700M (line of site).

The fixture itself has a sleek, black molded-plastic construction and is fitted with a pair of handles, positioned on either side of its base, to make lifting and rigging an easy task. It is fitted with large rubber feet to allow its operation standing directly on a stage or riser and is also provided with a detachable Omega bracket to allow the attachment of a clamp for truss mounting.

Despite its huge light output and advanced feature set, the Vizi Q Wash7 is a relatively compact and lightweight fixture. Measuring 11.75” x 8” x 15.75”/ 300 x 200 x 400mm (LxWxH), it can fit into a small space, both in use and for storage and transport. Meanwhile, weighing in at 19 lbs. /8.5 kg, it is easy to lift, carry, and rig.

Professional locking powerCon AC sockets are provided for both mains power input and output, which means that the electrical supply for multiple fixtures can be linked together to reduce the amount of cable required to power a multi-fixture lighting rig. The unit is also fitted with both 3-pin and 5-pin XLR sockets and allows multi-voltage operation (100-230V, 50Hz/60Hz), meaning that it can easily be integrated into any existing DMX system and is suitable for worldwide touring applications.

The Vizi Q Wash7 is both a versatile and powerful fixture, making it suitable for a wide variety of professional lighting applications. It is an ideal fixture for permanent installation in large nightclubs, as well as concert venues and churches. Equally, it’s low weight and compact dimensions make it perfect for one-off events and touring shows. In fact, if you have a need for an extremely powerful moving head wash fixture with motorized zoom, the Vizi Q Wash7 is likely to be just what you’re looking for!

Available mid February 2017 from ADJ USA.

To learn more about the Vizi Q Wash7, visit: http://www.adj.com/vizi-q-wash7


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