ADJ Teams Up With Sparky B to Give Barley House the Best Lightshow in Cleveland!

When the Barley House, a bar and restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio, decided to swap their old lights for something more modern, they decided to use the upgrade as a chance to create the best lightshow in the city. Of course, lighting designer Chris ‘Sparky B’ Biller chose ADJ fixtures for the job, with ADJ dealer Aggressive Sound providing over eighteen units for the install.

Sparky B acts as the venue’s go-to-guy for its lighting and special effect needs and this recent upgrade has been the Barley House’s largest lighting overhaul to date. “They gave me a budget to work within,” Sparky B explains. “I was going for a Vegas-style show, and I wanted to surround the dance-floor with an opening in the front. Now, when you walk into the club, the light show is the first thing that you notice.”

While a number of ADJ fixtures could’ve worked for the Barley House’s compact but characteristic dance-floor, Sparky B opted for fixtures which he felt suited the shape, size and atmosphere of the venue, using eight Vizi Beam Hybrid 2Rs and eight Sweeper Beam Quad LEDs, as well as eight Flat Par QA5s and DuraTruss box truss, to help fulfil his ‘Vegas vision’ for the new lightshow. “Aggressive Sound is a strong advocate of ADJ products,” Sparky B explains. “The Sweeper Beam Quad LEDs I went for due to their look and coverage – the club owners [Bobby George and Corey May] loved how they looked in the fog.”

Having the Sweeper Beam Quad LEDs surrounding the dance-floor and mounted above the stage also helped lighting programmer John Middleton further the Vegas-feel, with the rows of colorful beams blinking as the fixtures move up and down like lights on the Las Vegas Strip. These also allow the entire bar to be washed with vibrant color, creating the perfect party atmosphere after last food orders have been taken and the night gets into full swing.

Meanwhile, having the Vizi Beam 2Rs – which are unbelievably bright thanks to the Philips® Platinum 2R lamp – aimed at the 20-inch ADJ Mirror Balls sends ‘stars’ of light flickering across the dance-floor and shimmering throughout the venue – looking especially chic and effective in white. The Vizi Beam 2Rs also feature pulse/strobe effects, versatile pan and tilt angles, and an 8-facet prism, and allow for the audience to enjoy a range of colors – with a choice of 13 colors plus white and a mesmerizing two direction rainbow effect. “I went with the Vizi Beam 2Rs because they give you great bang for the buck” says Sparky B, “they have a low power draw but are capable of giving both tight beam angles and wide washes – they can also double as stage lights.”

These effects bring the venue to life with incredible movement and color, while the versatility means that the lightshow can be tailored to meet the needs of a relaxing evening vibe or a more ‘club-esque’ feel for when the dancing and partying gets underway. This is extremely important for a bar-restaurant such as the Barley House; offering food and quiet drinks during the daytime and early evening, the venue needed to be able to transform into a more club-like party venue for evenings when DJs and bands provide entertainment late into the night. Sparky B also utilized eight ADJ Flat Par QA5Xs for the install, allowing smooth RGBA color mixing for atmospheric wide washes – including in hard-to-achieve golden amber and orange hues.

While it seems the management at the Barley House are more than pleased with the new lightshow, has this new stylish look changed the atmosphere of the venue? “Absolutely! It’s given it a ‘Vegas’-type feel and the management love it,” Sparky B tells us. However, management aside, as far as the customers go Sparky B seems confident that he’s left them with plenty to come back for when it comes to the recent upgrade: “The customers now have the best lightshow in Northeast Ohio and the management plans on upgrading every few years,” he says. “One customer said it was the best lightshow in Cleveland!”

So there you have it, Sparky B’s ‘Vegas vision’ combined with ADJ’s versatile lighting fixtures and unique effects has resulted it a total transformation for the Barley House. This installment of pure lighting excitement has allowed the venue to tailor its lightshow to its wide-ranging clientele and varying events while providing an incredibly stylish and eye-catching lightshow and a unique atmosphere for its customers.

It’s this combination of vision and product-power that makes ADJ so proud to be involved with lighting designers and venues alike; working together to install innovative lighting solutions and create pure lighting excitement for audiences across the globe.

Barley House Gear List:

8x ADJ Vizi Beam Hybrid 2R
8x ADJ Sweeper Beam Quad
8x ADJ Flat Par QA5X
2x ADJ 20-inch Mirror Balls
50-feet DuraTruss Matte Black Powder Coated 12-inch truss
1x Elation ARTSSC controller
1x Elation SDC12 controller
1x Antari Z-350 Fazer

Lighting Designer / programmer: Chris "Sparky B" Biller. / John Middleton

ADJ Dealer: Aggressive Sound

Photo credit: Aaron Josefczyk

pure lighting excitement for audiences across the globe.

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