LED-powered lighting may not have even been thought of in the swinging sixties, let alone battery-powered fixtures, but that doesn’t mean that the latest technology can’t still be used to create retro-style effects. Lighting designer Chad Hunt proved this recently when he was brought in to enhance the atmosphere of a retro-themed charity fundraiser.

When he was planning the 3rd Annual Venetian Ball for the Family Enrichment Center in Bowling Green, KY, event Coordinator Steve Rose of Werner Rose Events knew that lighting would have a key role in creating the right backdrop for this sixties-themed event. He brought in Chad, and his company Illuminanz, to transform the National Corvette Museum into a psychedelic playground that proved to be the perfect setting for the party that included cocktails, dinner and live entertainment.

Rental company West Events from Nashville, TN, supplied two metal dance cages as well as a variety of different-sized Plexiglas cubes to set the tone of the event. Chad wanted to light these cubes from inside, however - as they were positioned around the venue for use as drinks tables - running power cords out to them would have been impossible. So instead Chad turned to ADJ’s range of affordable battery-powered LED fixtures.

A total of 8 ADJ Mega Go Flood Par HO fixtures were positioned inside the smaller Plexiglass cubes spread throughout the venue, while Chad selected ADJ’s Ultra GO Par7Xs – with their 7 potent 3-watt tri-color LEDs - for illuminating the larger cubes. Further battery-powered fixtures - ADJ Mega Go Bars - were used to illuminate the bar and also the back of the stage on which the live band performed.

Chad’s inspiration for the event’s lighting design was the Lava Lamp, that icon of sixties and seventies culture. To capture the feel of this effect, he set all of the ADJ battery-powered wash lighting fixtures on slow color fades. This meant that each of the Plexiglas cubes were lit in a different color, which all constantly changed, creating an impressive effect throughout the venue.

In addition to the battery-powered fixtures, Chad also used other regular ADJ units to provide additional atmosphere-enhancing lighting to the event. A total of 13 LED pars – a combination of Mega TRI64 Profiles and Mega QA Par38s – were attached to the ceiling to provide ambient wash lighting throughout the room.

To add energy to the dancefloor, Chad also positioned an ADJ Ultra HEX Par 3 above each of the dance cages, set on sound active mode. Each fitted with 3 powerful 10-watt HEX LEDs, these were able to bathe the cages in a variety of different colors, incorporating retro UV-enhanced hues, which changed rapidly to the beat of the music.

Finally, a pair of ADJ Dotz Par fixtures were positioned above large curved sofas that further enhanced the sixties feel of the event. With a wide beam angle of 60-degrees, the Dotz Pars are perfect for washing large areas with light, and for this event Chad decided to set them on static colors – red and blue – to provide subtle ambient lighting for the seating areas.

“It’s important to have the right tools for the job, and in this case that meant a variety of different lighting fixtures”, Chad told us. “To get the right look, sometimes I needed spots and other times washes. The Dotz Pars proved particularly useful as they have a very wide beam angle which means that they can wash a large area”.

The event was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who attended, many of whom embraced the theme and dressed in sixties-inspired suits and dresses. It also proved to be a huge success, raising over $20,000 to help the Family Enrichment Center which works to prevent child abuse and empower families. This achievement was thanks to a big effort from Steve and everyone who was involved in organizing and running the event, but Chad’s lighting certainly played a big part in creating the backdrop for this groovy evening.

Event: 3rd Annual Family Enrichment Center Venetian Ball

Venue: National Corvette Museum, Bowling Green, KY

Event Coordinator: Steve Rose, Werner Rose Events

Lighting Designer: 
Chad Hunt, Illuminanz



ADJ Gear List:

7 x Mega TRI64 Profile

8 x Mega Go Flood Par HO

6 x Mega QA Par38

4 x Mega Go Bar 50

2 x Ultra Go Par7X

2 x DOTZ Par

2 x Ultra HEX Par 3