Ultraviolet light, or black light as it is sometimes known, has been used to enhance parties, clubs and other entertainment venues for decades. It’s luminescent effect on both white and fluorescent clothes, signs and decorations means that it is a simple but effective way of creating an exciting atmosphere. The most popular, and also most affordable, way to create the effect has always been UV tubes and ADJ’s 24” and 48” fixtures are consistent best sellers. However, UV tubes are delicate and, even if handled carefully, have a limited operational life which means periodic replacement is required. That’s why here at ADJ we are pleased to introduce our next generation of UV tube fixtures, the UVLED 24 and UVLED 48.

Part of ADJ’s Startec range of simple, affordable and reliable fixtures, the new UVLED units look just like traditional black lights but feature an innovative new tube design fitted with an array of 0.3W SMD UV LEDs. This gives you the affordability and footprint of a traditional UV tube fixture but without the fragile glass tube and with the added advantage of super long life LEDs. 
The two new models match the sizes of regular tube fixtures. The UVLED 24 is 24” (2-foot) in length and is fitted with 48 LEDs, while the UVLED 48 measures 48” (4-foot) and incorporates 96 LEDs. At 1 lb. (0.4 kg) and 1.7 lb. (0.7 kg) respectively, the fixtures are extremely lightweight and they are also very compact in their other dimensions making them easy to integrate into a mobile lightshow and also ideal for installation into venues with low ceilings.

Both units have a beam angle of 120-degrees, are easy to operate with a simple on/off switch, and are supplied with a 3-foot (1M) trailing power cord. They feature built-in mounting points and require no maintenance thanks to their long life LEDs, low heat output, low power consumption, and lack of moving parts. Despite the LEDs boasting a life expectancy of 50,000 hours, the ‘tubes’ onto which they are mounted are replaceable, and spares will be made available, so should damage occur to the LEDs the fixture can still be used with a replacement LED bar.

Applying modern technology to a classic effect, the UVLED 24 and UVLED 48 fixtures are ideal for use on small performance stages, in clubs and lounges, for mobile productions, and as part of special effects installations. Maintaining the affordability of traditional UV tube fixtures (the two units have retail prices of $29.99 and $49.99) while making use of the long life expectancy and robust nature of LEDs, these new fixtures truly are black light tubes but reinvented for the 21st Century.

Both the UVLED 24 and UVLED 48 black lights are available now from ADJ USA.

To learn more about the ADJ Startec UVLED 24, visit: www.adj.com/uvled-24

To learn more about the ADJ Startec UVLED 48, visit: www.adj.com/uvled-48