Over the past couple of years, thanks to the efforts of local DJ, sound technician and promotor Mike Williams, it has developed a reputation as an entertainment venue and recently received a complete overhaul of its lighting rig comprised solely of ADJ LED-powered fixtures.

Born and bred in the village of Tumble, Mike moved away as a young man but returned a few years ago and recognized un-tapped potential in the local village hall. What had been a cinema during his youth was now a community center used by sports clubs and other community groups during the week as well as for occasional private parties at weekends. However, having extensive experience in the entertainment business – 2017 marks Mike’s 40th year as a DJ – he saw the opportunity to use the venue for evening concerts that could provide entertainment for local families and breathe new life into this historic building.

Approaching center manager Mandy Owen, Mike offered to look after entertainment at the venue and to book a series of concerts by professional tribute performers. This fitted in with his business plans, as he had recently sold his motor bike in order to buy a Yamaha digital sound board so that he could branch out from DJing into Sound Engineering and Event Hire work. The concerts at the hall have proved to be a big success and over the past two years the venue has hosted tributes to Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, Freddie Mercury, The Eagles, and Meatloaf to name just a few.

Based on the success of these events, Mike recently approached the Tumble Hall committee with a suggestion for upgrading the venue’s stage lighting system. The previous setup only offered plain white light and was made up of a collection of aging conventional fixtures which used a lot of power and weren’t suited to the needs of the professional entertainers now regularly appearing at the hall.

With support from ADJ Europe’s Curtis Lewis and assistance from Lighting Technician Llwyd Herniman of Light Source Production Services, Mike put together a proposal for a fully LED-powered system using ADJ fixtures exclusively. He calculated that the existing system had a power draw of 17.8kW while his proposed replacement would require only 3.4kW. This meant that not only would the new system be more appropriate for the concerts held at the venue, and offer more flexibility for other community events and productions, but in the long run it would also save Tumble Hall money on its power bills.

A long-time user of ADJ equipment, Mike was adamant that lighting from the company was the best choice for Tumble Hall’s lighting renovation. “I love my ADJ products,” he enthuses, “and am well supported by Curtis, which is why I recommended that all ADJ lighting equipment should be installed at Tumble Hall.”

The committee had faith in Mike, due to his extensive experience in the entertainment business and the success of the events he had organized at the hall over the past couple of years, so approved the upgrade. The system was installed in May this year and is now fully operational and has already been used for a concert featuring a local Welsh singer and a Luther Vandross tribute act who played to a packed hall brought to life by the new lighting.

The actual installation work was carried out by Llwyd, who also programmed the system to provide a variety of different looks and chase patterns to suit the wide variety of events and concerts that take place in Tumble Hall. “He’s a bit of whizz-kid,” explains Mike, “and I was very pleased with the effort he put in and also with the result. The new system looks stunning, we used it for the first time for an event last month which was a big success and we have lots more tribute acts booked to appear at the hall after the summer and into 2018.”

For stage illumination Mike and Llwyd selected a combination of ADJ COB Cannon Wash fixtures and Encore Profile 1000 Color ellipsoidals. Each utilizing a 150-Watt COB RGBA LED, the COB Cannon Washes provide broad swathes of color that fill the entire stage thanks to their wide 80-degree beam angle. The Encore Profile 1000 Colors, each powered by a 120-Watt RGBW LED, then punch through to provide spotlighting for performers on stage.

Movement and texture is then added to the system by ADJ Focus Spot Three Z units mounted above the main floor of the hall and ADJ Focus Spot Two fixtures positioned across the back of the stage. These professional-caliber moving heads allow a myriad of effects to be created using their varied rotating GOBO patterns – kept sharp thanks to motorized focus – and 6-facet prisms.

The lighting system is rounded out by ADJ’s VPar LED-powered par units which are hung at the back of the stage and also positioned directly on its surface. The provides both down-lighting and up-lighting effects on the stage in a wide variety of richly saturated colors. The overall effect is nothing short of impressive, with even stage illumination, vibrant color washes, and sharp mid-air beam projections setting the stage perfectly for the Hall’s regular concert performances.

In addition to the latest power-saving LED technology, the rig also makes use of ADJ’s WiFLY wireless DMX system. Llwyd has setup ADJ WiFLY EXR Battery wireless transceivers to send control signals to both the lighting gantry above the stage and the front of house lighting bar in order to minimize cable runs around the venue.

The finished system not only looks fantastic, but works flawlessly and is already saving the Tumble Hall committee on their electricity bills. Feedback from management, artists and visiting public alike has been unanimously positive and the new system will equip Mike, Mandy and the rest of the team at Tumble Hall to continue hosting events that bring together the local community for fun and entertainment.


Tumble Hall
Heol Y Neuadd
Llanelli, SA14 6HR

Venue Manager:

Mandy Owen

ADJ Dealer & Lighting Designer:

Mike Williams
MJW Events Ltd

Lighting Installer, Designer & Programmer:

Llwyd Herniman
Light Source Production Services


Gwyn Edwards Photography

ADJ Gear List:

10 x ADJ COB Cannon Wash

8 x ADJ Encore Profile 1000 Color

4 x ADJ Focus Spot Two

4 x ADJ Focus Spot Three Z

3 x ADJ VPar Pak

3 x ADJ WiFly EXR Battery

1 x ADJ Entour Haze Pro