Battery-powered wireless par fixtures, such as ADJ’s WiFLY EXR Hex Par, can save you a huge amount of time when setting up a stage or venue lighting system. Up-lighting a room with a dozen or more fixtures takes a matter of minutes, instead of hours, without the hassle of running out and taping down power cords and signal cables all around the room. However, a full lighting system made up of WiFLY units is not an insignificant investment, so it’s important to look after those fixtures. That’s where the latest addition to ADJ’s Tough Bag series, the Tough Bag WiFLY, comes in.

The Tough Bag series of storage and transportation cases offer a useful hybrid between a bag and a road case. These durable semi-hard cases are lightweight like bags, but are rigid and offer much better protection for the equipment stored inside. This latest addition to the series, the Tough Bag WiFLY, features five separate interior spaces designed specifically to accommodate four WiFLY pars together with a controller. 

Weighing just 23 lbs. (10.5 kg.), the Tough Bag WiFLY is manageable to lift and maneuver even when loaded with fixtures. What’s more, to help with moving it over long distances, the case is fitted with wheels and a pull handle. It is also compact, measuring 26" x 25" x 13" / 673x635x330mm (inner case dimensions: 24" x 23.25" x 11.25" / 610x590x286) which minimizes the space required in your vehicle and storage area. Compared to traditional road cases, the Tough Bag WiFLY weighs significantly less, and takes up a smaller space, definite bonuses if you’re a mobile entertainer or an event lighting professional.

Not only can the Tough Bag WiFLY offer protection to your fixtures, and also make them easier to transport, it will also help to keep them clean between events. The lid is secured in place by a zip that runs all around the case, keeping the equipment stored inside safely sealed away from dust and grime. Two straps are also built into the case, which buckle closed after the zip is sealed for added protection.

The case itself is manufactured from tough fabric enclosing a rigid shell and all eight corners are reinforced for added protection. The internal compartments are also padded to ensure that the fixtures stored inside are held securely in place and protected from bumps, knocks and scrapes.

With a smart black finish, the Tough Bag WiFLY looks great and will help you to portray a professional image from the moment you arrive at an event. Its strong rubber handle is also comfortable to hold, which helps when it comes to lifting and carrying the case.

The Tough Bag WiFLY has been specifically designed to store ADJ’s WiFLY range of par fixtures. The case can be used to hold any of these fixtures: WiFLY Par QA5, WiFLY Par QA5 WH, WiFLY EXR Hex Par, WiFLY EXR HEX5 IP, WiFLY EXR QA IP and WiFLY QA5 IP. The controller space can then also accommodate either a WiFLY NE1 or WiFLY RGBW8C.

If you have purchased a WiFLY Par system – or intend to do so in the near future – be sure to store your fixtures in this affordable, lightweight and manageable case. It will not only protect your investment, but keep your fixtures clean and make them easier to store and transport. Whether you are a mobile lighting designer, entertainer on the go, or run a rental company hiring out WiFLY fixtures, the Tough Bag WiFLY is the perfect solution for keeping your wireless pars protected between shows, week in, week out.

The Tough Bag WiFLY is available now from ADJUSA.

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