September 2016

Don’t you think that there’s nothing quite like cooking and eating outdoors in good weather? Here at ADJ we love a good cook out. So, on September 15th, we thought we’d invite our customers to join us at ADJ’s world headquarters in Los Angeles for a New Product Jamboree & BBQ Event. This was an opportunity to check out our latest products, but also to join us for a meal out in the sunshine.

It seems like freshly cooked hot food and equally hot new products were a winning combination, as well over 100 people attended the event. Outside, we served up burgers and hot dogs from the grill, accompanied by a salad station and topped off with desert in the form of an ice cream bar. While inside we debuted our new showroom layout which features a large lightshow area and now a separate dedicated workshop room.

Attendees at the event covered the whole spectrum of ADJ customers, including our local dealers as well as nightclub owners, production company staff, mobile DJs, entertainers, community theater technicians and even students from local colleges. Despite the diverse mix of guests, everyone attending the Jamboree entered into the party spirit of the event, enjoying the food, socializing with one another as well as ADJ staff, and competing to win swag in our ADJ Trivia Quiz.

The event also offered a serious side, giving everyone in attendance the opportunity not only to find out about the latest ADJ equipment, but also to extend their own technical knowledge. We ran three educational seminar sessions throughout the afternoon, each focusing on a different area of technology and showcasing a different group of new ADJ products.

The first focused on LED video, highlighting the many applications of this burgeoning technology and demonstrating ADJ’s new, improved and incredibly affordable AV6X. The second session looked at moving heads and featured ADJ’s brand new Focus Series of low cost, but feature-packed, fixtures as well as the unbelievably bright Vizi Beam RXONE. Finally, the last session honed in on control, showcasing the simplicity and power of ADJ’s wireless iOS lighting control system, the Airstream DMX Bridge.

Each of the seminars was full to capacity with attendees eager to learn and I think that I can safely say that the content shared by the ADJ team didn’t disappoint. Following each session, the new products were also setup around the showroom to give hands on access to anyone who wanted to try them out firsthand, which I know was also valued by many of our guests.

The event also served as the West Coast debut of our exciting new 3D Vision modular LED panel product, which attracted lots of interest from attendees at the Jamboree. This distinctive hexagonal-shaped LED panel is divided into three separate sections in a way that gives it a unique three-dimensional appearance and is perfect for DJ façades, stage sets, leisure venue installations and many other applications.

Running at regular intervals throughout the day, our brand new showroom lightshow was also unveiled at the event. Incorporating all of the recently released products, as well as many of our existing lines, the inspirational demonstration showcases exactly what can be achieved with the latest range of ADJ equipment. For the Jamboree, this provided the icing on the cake following the educational sessions and hands on gear showcases.

I’d like to thank everyone who joined us on the day, as well as those who came to one of our other recent events including our Focus Series Product Launch in Atlantic City and our ADJ On Tour Event in Nashville. Each of these had a distinctive theme – the Product Launch had a Latin feel taking place in a Cuban restaurant, while the Tour Stop had a definite country tinge – allowing us to showcase the versatility of ADJ’s latest generation of products.

Events like this are a great way for anyone with an interest in professional lighting, audio and video to find out about our new products, see them in the flesh, try them out firsthand and discover how to use them to enhance venues, events or performances. And here at ADJ and American Audio we are always on the move to give you plenty of these opportunities. Sometimes it means staying home and hosting events at our own showrooms, while other times it means traveling to attend events elsewhere.

Almost every month we’re somewhere offering a chance for you to see and try our latest products, either at an On Tour event, Trade Show, or Open House. Next up, in October, we’ll be out in Vegas for the 2016 LDI show, which takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, October 21st thru 23rd. I’m also sure we’ll be opening our doors for another themed event at one of our own facilities soon, so watch this space.

Tom Freret is the National Sales Manager for American Audio

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