July 2016

Hello everyone, today I want to talk about cables. They may not be as exciting as lighting or audio equipment, but good cables are essential for ensuring your sound and lighting systems run reliably ever time. As some of you may know, here at ADJ we have our own cable brand called Accu-Cable. What started out as a basic product line covering audio and DMX cables has evolved into an expansive range that now encompasses video, production grade DMX, and AC Cables.

Every item in the Accu-Cable range offers great build quality and an industry-leading warranty as well as the same great value as our lighting and audio products. We’ve got everything from DMX and Audio interconnecting cables through to long heavy-duty Speakon leads. The line also includes almost every kind of adaptor and it is still expanding.

Over the years, many of the additions to the range have come from suggestions made by end users and are designed to help make your life easier. Our latest line is a collection of DMX/Power combo cables. Available in a variety of sizes, these combine high quality DMX cables and IEC Male/Female power cords all in one sleeve. This means that you only have to run one cable when connecting together the DMX and power between two lights, which makes for a much cleaner look as well as saving time on setup and pack down.

Another useful offering from the Accu-Cable range is our selection of grey colored extension cords. These are designed to blend in with aluminum truss much better than traditional black cables, making for sleeker setups both on touring shows and for permanent installations.

There’s plenty more on offer from Accu-Cable too. Doing an install and need a spool of 3-pin or 5-pin DMX Cable? We have that. Need a DMX to network connect? We have that too! Need Cat 6 video cable, check ours out. We’ve got you covered from 3ft to 100ft.

So if you have older cables that need replacing or are putting together a new system or upgrade, look no further than Accu-Cable. From microphone cables to USB leads, 3 - 5-pin DMX adaptors to super-long mains extensions, you’ll find everything you’ll need within the Accu-Cable range, all offering the reliability and affordability that you’d expect from ADJ!

Check out the entire Accu-Cable range by CLICKING HERE!

Tom Freret is the Audio Manager at American Audio