December 2016

One thing we are very proud of at the ADJ group of companies is that we do our best to keep up with the times. We look for what people need and then deliver! Is there a way to do something better? Let’s do it. Is there a way to make it easier? Then easier it will be!

That same way of thinking goes into our Accu-Cable range of professional cables. Accu-Cable started as a simple line of audio cables to complement our American Audio products. However, soon we added DMX cables to complement our ADJ and Elation lighting ranges. And, later, we went on to add video cables to complement our video products. Then, when production companies needed heavier duty cables, we added our ‘Pro’ line of DMX cables with heavier gauge cord, heat shrink to allow labeling, and corrosion-resistant connectors.

As the range developed, we looked for ways to innovate so that we could serve specific needs and make life easier for our users. A great example of this is our SKAC series, each of which combines a DMX cable and a IEC power cable into one single cord. This not only makes setting up a DMX-controlled lighting system much quicker, it also makes it much easier to keep a setup looking neat and tidy. This was a simple idea, but it really can make a huge impact to the time it takes to setup a lighting system as well as significantly improving its professional appearance.

Our latest new product line features another simple innovation that could really save you a lot of time. When cables are coiled, it can be hard to tell how long they are, which makes it difficult to pick the right DMX cable for connecting two fixtures together. To solve this problem, our newly updated Accu-Cable 3-Pin DMX XLR cables have colored bands around the connectors indicating their length. Red = 5ft / 1.5m, Yellow = 10ft / 3M, Green = 15ft / 4.5m, Orange = 25ft / 7.6m, White = 50ft / 15m, and Purple = 100ft / 30m. With these cables, even if they are coiled and you have lots mixed together, it’s easy to pick one out that is exactly the length you need. Another simple solution designed to save you time out on the road! The new color coded 3-pin DMX cables are now in stock at ADJ USA and ADJ Europe. We will soon have 5-pin DMX cables available with the color coding as well.

So, what’s next from Accu-Cable? Well, watch this space… we’ll be announcing major updates to our audio cable line in 2017!

AC3PDMX5 (5-foot, 3-pin DMX cable:

AC3PDMX10 (10-foot, 3-pin DMX cable:

AC3PDMX15 (15-foot, 3-pin DMX cable:

AC3PDMX25 (25-foot, 3-pin DMX cable:

AC3PDMX50 (50-foot, 3-pin DMX cable:

AC3PDMX100 (100-foot, 3-pin DMX cable:

Tom Freret is the National Sales Manager for American Audio