August 2016

As a mobile DJ or entertainer, you take pride in your gear, right? You carefully chose your sound system so that it’s not only loud enough, but offers great quality. And you have a fantastic lightshow that helps to create a party atmosphere with color and movement. But could the smaller elements of your show be letting you down?

How are your headphones? Do you need to wiggle the cable to get both sides to play? Are the pads so worn that they leave speckles on your shirt? Or how about your speaker stands? Are they so banged up that you need to shake hard to open out the tripods? Is the paint so chipped it’s hard to tell what color they’re supposed to be?

As they’re not as exciting as DJ controllers, lighting effects or sound systems, it’s easy to neglect the accessories that are an essential part of a mobile entertainment system. You buy them once and then, as long as they don’t stop working altogether, you just keep using and using them, even when you upgrade the more substantial elements of your show like your speakers or lighting fixtures. But take a moment to think about how this could look to your clients?

Your headphones, speaker stands and other accessories are on display for all to see. So if they are worn out or tatty that reflects badly on you as a performer as well as on your business. Shabby headphones may lead people to assume that the equipment they can’t see, your control gear and amps, are just as bad (even if they’re actually brand new). And you may know that your speaker stands are as solid as rocks, but if they look bashed up, they may appear to be a safety hazard in the eyes of guests at your events.

It’s not just the appearance of your show that could be impacted by old, and therefore potentially unreliable, accessories. Cables are another essential part of any audio and lighting setup that are easy to overlook when it comes to choosing what to upgrade. However, the impact of a faulty mic cord during the introductions at a wedding, or a temperamental speaker cable when the dancefloor is packed, could be extremely serious.

Another aspect of a mobile entertainment system that is easy to overlook is road cases. It’s tempting to spend all of your budget on equipment and then carry it around in the cardboard cartons that it comes in, instead of investing in dedicated cases or bags. However, this is false economy as hardwearing protective cases will help to keep equipment safe from knocks and scrapes, extending its working life and keeping it looking good.

So is it time that you took a look at the accessories which are essential to your show and consider replacing the ones that have seen better days? American Audio has a range of inexpensive, but reliable, products that covers everything you may need. We have a variety of headphone models to choose from, including the popular HP 550 which is available in a choice of different colors. We’ve just launched the SPSX2B Speaker Stand twin-pack, which includes a carry case and is incredibly good value. Our Accu-Cable range covers absolutely every type of cord and cable you could need, as I wrote about in last month’s NewsWave. And, of course, we’ve got a bag or case to accommodate every size and shape of equipment you may own, not to mention other accessories such as Laptop Stands and Event Facades.

Don’t let the little details of your sound and lighting setup let you down, but instead have your accessories set the tone for a top notch system!

Tom Freret is the National Sales Manager for American Audio