April 2017

Whether you’re a DJ, mobile entertainer, or run a production company, a neat and tidy setup is essential for looking professional and keeping customers happy. A sound desk standing on road cases with a mass of cables running everywhere doesn’t look the part and neither does a DJ setup placed on a rickety trestle table borrowed from the venue. A little investment and thought put into your setup can go a long way, hiding unsightly cables and effectively establishing your professionalism.

ADJ’s new Pro Event Table, which is now in stock, is a compact and collapsible solution for a DJ setup or FOH position for lighting, audio, or video production. Folding flat for transportation and storage, this unique portable table provides a solid 50” x 24” work surface positioned at a perfect height for operating equipment while standing or sitting on a stool. It can also be used to let everyone at an event know who is making it sound and look great! It features a white plastic front panel that can easily be sign-written with a company logo or branding.

If you already have a stand for your equipment – or you’re happy with that pile of road cases! – but need a way to hide the mess of cables connecting it all together, the ADJ Event Facade could be the perfect solution for you. Consisting of four folding panels, each created from a metal frame surrounding a stretched scrim fabric panel, the Event Facade can easily be positioned around your equipment setup once it is ready to go. This lightweight, portable, and fast to set-up solution comes in a choice of colors (black or white metal interchangeable with black or white panels). This means that an all-black Facade can be used to create a low-key FOH setup, while the white panels can be easily back-lit with LED pars or battens to create an eye-catching DJ booth.

Speaker stands also need consideration. Not only do they look far from appealing, but they can also create a potentially serious trip hazard. ADJ has the solution to both of these problems in the form of the Event Stand Scrims. Available in one, two, and three-sided versions, these easy to use white scrims simply attach to the feet of each leg and the top of the stand (below the speaker). Not only do they make tripods look like works of art, but they make them easier to see, ensuring guests won’t trip over the legs. Again, an LED par placed under the scrim can bring it to life with vibrant colors, while I recommend using ADJ’s O-Slim clamps to secure the scrim to your stand.

Another cool scrim-based product from the ADJ range is the HD Event Table Scrim. This specially-designed cover fits snugly over a standard 6” table to quickly and easily create a striking equipment stand. It features five cable pass throughs that allow wires to neatly run from control equipment placed on top down under the table out of sight. Once again, an LED par or bar placed under the table can easily transform the scrim into any color of your choice making for a striking control station or DJ booth.

Each of these solutions is inexpensive, but can really make a difference to the look of your DJ rig or FOH setup. Put simply, if you want to get paid like a Pro, you need to look like a Pro!

- Tom Freret is the Sales Manager for American Audio