ADJ’s unique Flash Kling Panel 64 offers you cutting-edge video effects and flexible connectivity

In an ever-increasingly video-centric world, it seems that everything is 3D this or high-resolution that; video technology is always moving forward. In keeping with the increased use of video effects and digital screens in stage productions, both music-orientated and other, ADJ brings you the forward-thinking Flash Kling Panel 64; an affordable low resolution video panel which can be used in a number of ways to expand and enhance the video elements of your setup.

With an 8x8 matrix of Tri (RGB) LEDs making up the pixel panel and a 120-degree beam angle, the Flash Kling Panel 64 allows low resolution video playback which can be enjoyed by your audiences and used to enhance your stage productions or gigs, as part of an extensive lighting and video setup. The Flash Kling Panel 64 can be controlled using either Kling-Net or Art-Net, which are relatively new control protocols - similar to DMX - but specifically for use with pixels. Using software such as Arkaos Media Master Express or Media Master Pro video and animations can easily be mapped on to the panels. The Flash Kling Panel 64 can also be connected to other Kling-Net/Art-Net-controlled pixel fixtures, such as ADJ’s LED Pixel Tubes, Ultra Kling Bar 18 or Dotz Series fixtures, for a more expansive pixel-mapped lightshow.

If you’re looking to build a larger video wall, the fixtures can be joined together using the optional add-on of an FKP100 panel lock and linked via RJ45 connections. Thanks to the 0.5x0.5m specification and the half measurements bordering the panels, multiple fixtures can easily join together to create larger, evenly spaced, low resolution video walls in easily manageable metric sizes. Another optional add-on, the FKP200, is a single panel rigging bar, perfect for if you prefer to mount the fixture as a stand-alone feature.

Due to these factors, the Flash Kling Panel 64 is perfect for use as a stage backdrop, to cover the ceiling or walls of a bar, or for arch installations. The entrances to venues, theaters and clubs can all be transformed using this product so that visitors walk through a tunnel bordered above and to the sides with low-res video. Even churches can benefit from using the Flash Kling Panel 64; the panel can be used to extend video imagery shown on main screens into cool lighting effects – further enhancing services or events, based on the video shown and the colors used. This ‘screen extension’ principle also applies to touring bands that use video imagery, to stage productions, and to venues and clubs. In fact, these cutting-edge effects – which are employed extensively on big-budget tours and TV shows – have been brought within the grasp of any lighting user thanks to the Flash Kling 64 panel’s affordable price. Smaller event production companies and mobile entertainers can take advantage of this innovative product to add impressive effects to their shows, blurring the edges between video and lighting.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a club, restaurant owner, venue, theater, or touring band; low resolution video effects can enhance your ambiance, lightshow or stage production, and even reinvent your venue’s décor, taking your audience’s experience to the next level. With Kling control, 64 powerful LEDs, and the flexibility to connect the fixture to other pixel units, the Flash Kling Panel 64 gives you the ability to enhance your video imagery and venture into new realms of creativity.

Available now from ADJ USA.

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