Over the past decade Portable Array Speaker Systems have become extremely popular with singers, musicians, DJs and entertainers. They are easy to transport, but also offer a high level of audio fidelity. However many of these systems are very expensive and also lack the versatility required by gigging performers. That’s why American Audio is introducing the STK-106W, an affordable package that offers impressive sound quality alongside an incredibly flexible feature set, making it the ultimate Portable Array Speaker System.

The STK-106W is a powerful 2-way PA system that combines a 10-inch woofer base with an adjustable poled-mounted 6 x 2-inch driver satellite array. Powered by internal Class D 500 + 250 watt power amplifiers, the setup generates dynamic high and low frequency sounds making it ideal for the amplification of both live and pre-recorded music.

A fully-featured 6-channel mixer is also integrated into the STK-106W’s sub enclosure, meaning that multiple microphones and audio sources can be connected and mixed with dedicated controls. This makes the system perfect for solo singers and duos who can hook up mics, instruments and backing tracks without the need for an external mixer.

The mixer section features two mono input channels, which each have combination XLR / ¼” jack input sockets that can be switched between Mic and Line level. In addition, there are two stereo input channels, one offering a choice of ¼” jack and RCA inputs and the other fitted with a mini-stereo input jack for direct connection of an MP3 player. Each channel has a dedicated level control, while the two mono channels also feature independent Bass, Treble and Reverb controls.

A separate master Volume control has been included, alongside an internal Limiter which protects the system from excessive input signals. There is also a separate Monitor output connection, with a dedicated level control, provided via a stereo pair of RCA sockets. This can be connected to a performer’s powered floor wedge or In Ear Monitoring system.

In addition to conventional wired connections, the STK-106W is also compatible with digital wireless audio streaming. It can easily be paired with a computer, tablet or smartphone for direct audio playback without the need for a connecting cable. Not only that, two systems can also be wirelessly paired to create a cable-free stereo link.

With a solid plywood housing and discrete textured black finish, the STK-106W is designed for a life on the road. Its base unit is fitted with two convenient carrying handles and, with a total weight of just 45.2 lb. / 20.5 kg, it is easy to carry and transport. It also features a recessed back section in which the satellite and mounting pole can be securely stored during transit, while the included padded transport cover will help to protect the whole system from scratches and scrapes while it is being moved between events.

Designed with ease of use in mind, the STK-106W is extremely simple to setup. The adjustable pole mount fits securely into the top of the sub and then the satellite simply slides on top. Power is provided via an IEC input on the back panel of the sub enclosure, while the satellite is connected using a standard locking SpeakCON cable.

Offering excellent mid-range coverage, the STK-106W is ideal for live vocal performances as well as for speech amplification. Meanwhile, rich deep bass reproduction and clear high frequencies also make the system perfect for use by mobile DJs and entertainers playing pre-recorded music.

With an unbeatable combination of audio quality, flexibility, portability and affordability, the STK-106W really is the ultimate Portable Array Speaker System. If you need a powerful, versatile and easily transportable speaker system for live performances or DJ sets, we’re sure that you’ll be impressed with this system… especially when you hear the price!

The STK-106W is available now from American Audio USA.

To learn more about the American Audio STK-106W, visit: http://www.adj.com/stk-106w