There’s a good reason that moving head fixtures are used extensively for every kind of professional lightshow, from nightclubs to theatre productions, concert tours to TV shows. It’s because they are flexible, allowing a beam or projected GOBO to be directed anywhere within a venue or stage setup without the need to move the fixture itself. The inclusion of GOBO and color wheels adds to this flexibility, making moving heads an essential tool for every professional lighting designer. But what if you’re a mobile entertainer – or run a small leisure venue – and moving heads have always fallen outside your budget? Well, that may well have changed with the introduction of the Stinger Spot, ADJ’s most affordable moving head ever! 

Extending ADJ’s Startec series of low-cost and reliable lighting fixtures, the Stinger Spot is an LED-powered moving head with a retail price of just $199.99. Offering a full complement of useful features, this compact moving spot is an ideal option if you’re a mobile entertainer and also if you specify fixed installations in a venues such as small clubs and bars, roller rinks, bowling alleys, and leisure centers. Its diminutive size makes it particularly useful for such venues that have a low ceiling height, allowing it to fit into spaces that wouldn’t be practical for larger units.

The Stinger Spot is powered by a bright 10-Watt white LED light-source which is paired with advanced optics that means the output is comparable to other more powerful fixtures. With a beam angle of 13-degrees it is ideal for creating impactful mid-air effects as well as for projecting GOBO patterns onto venue walls, ceilings, and dancefloors.

With pan and tilt ranges of 510-degrees and 210-degrees respectively, the unit’s head has a wide field of movement. Its small size allows for extremely fast motion, while the inclusion of 16-bit fine control over the stepper motors allow for precise positioning and smooth motion at slower speeds. Whether you’re looking for a fixture to spotlight the cake or special moments at a wedding, or to fill a dancefloor with fast-paced moving colored light beams, the Stinger Spot has you covered.

The fixture is fitted with independent color and GOBO wheels, giving you a wide variety of options when it comes to designing a lightshow. The color wheel features seven richly saturated color filters, in addition to an open white slot, while the GOBO wheel is supplied with seven detailed fixed patterns, as well as an open spot. GOBO scrolling and shaking effects further add to the creative potential of the fixture along with a variable speed strobe function. A manual focus lens is also mounted on the front of the unit which can be adjusted to ensure sharp patterns at different projection distances.

The Stinger Spot also offers plenty of flexibility when it comes to operating modes. It doesn’t matter if you want to control exactly what the fixture is doing at any given moment or if you’d prefer to ‘set it and forget it’ running its pre-programmed effects, this flexible unit covers all bases. It features a four-segment LED display, with four corresponding push-buttons, to provide access to an intuitive menu-driven interface that allows easy selection between its three operating modes and their various options.

For simple ‘plug and play’ operation, the fixture is supplied with four pre-set lightshows. You can set these to run at a constant speed in Show mode or triggered by the beat of your music, detected by an internal microphone, using Sound mode. You can also link together multiple fixtures using XLR cables to easily create a synchronized lightshow in either of these modes, while the option to select any of the fixtures to carry out inverted movements is simple to select.

If you want to use a controller or piece of software to create custom looks and programs for your lightshow, the Stinger Spot is also compatible with the universal DMX control protocol. You can easily select between a basic 9-channel mode (if you have limited DMX channels available) and a full 11-channel mode (which adds in fine pan and tilt control), providing full remote control of all of the fixture’s various features.

With an operating life of approximately 50,000 hours, lamp replacement is a thing of the past when you choose the Stinger Spot. Another advantage of the LED light-source is its low power draw of just 36-Watts. This means that if you’re a mobile entertainer you can easily run multiple fixtures and a sound system from just one domestic mains power socket.

The easily-portable fixture measures just 6.75” x  5.75” x 10.75” / 174 x 145 x 273mm (LxWxH) and weighs only 7 lbs. / 3 kgs. It is fitted with rubber feet – allowing it to stand directly on a truss podium, speaker, stage, or riser – and is also supplied with an Omega bracket to allow the attachment of a truss clamp. The unit is fan-cooled and is fitted with both input and output sockets for power, which allows multiple fixtures to be connected together from one mains power socket.

Continuing ADJ’s commitment to bringing our customers effective and reliable products at affordable prices, the Startec Stinger Spot brings the flexibility of moving heads within the budget of many mobile entertainers and smaller venues for which they wouldn’t previously have been an option. Combining a powerful LED light-source, advanced optics, and a variety of useful features, this fixture is an ideal first moving head as well as an affordable replacement for older halogen-lamp powered units.

The Startec Stinger Spot will be available in the USA in mid April (this product won’t be offered for sale by ADJ Europe.)

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