Black lights, atmospheric washes and high-energy effects give students the night of their lives in Texas.

Brandon Steward, of Steward’s Productions in Fort Worth, Texas, is responsible for one of the best wedding entertainment and lighting services in The Lone Star State.

When he was booked for a high school prom at Eldorado Country Club, in McKinney – after the organizers checked out his work on YouTube and found him on Google – Brandon decided to use an arsenal of ADJ equipment to give 250 Farmersville High School leavers a prom night they would never forget.

According to Brandon, the school booked him because “they love the high energy and lighting I bring to the table” and he chose to create this high energy by utilizing a number of our fixtures in his lighting rig. Taking under ninety minutes to set up, the lightshow consisted of wash fixtures, up-lighting effects, and scans, with Brandon DMX-programming the entire show ahead of time. All in all, twenty different lights were used – including wireless up-lighting.

In order to create wide-spread washes and bath the youthful excitable crowd in vibrant color and luminous UV, Brandon used four QA Par38s, two ECO UV Bar DMXs, and two Ultra Bar 12s. The Ultra Bar 12s provided a wide wash effect, thanks to their 40-degree beam angle, while the twelve 3W Tri LEDs and built in color macros offered Brandon a range of color mixing options. The patent pending Quick Align End Locking also allowed for a seamless output of light with no breaks of color, soaking the dance-floor with an even wash of vibrant color. Four Mega QA Par38s achieved a similar effect, with the powerful 5W quad LEDs illuminating the audience in bright color. Finally, throwing black light excitement into the mix (always popular with young crowds), Brandon utilized the ECO UV Bar DMX “to wash the dance floor with powerful UV and color mix with the Ultra Bar 12s.”

For effective up-lighting, Brandon used our WiFLY DMX Transmitter and battery-powered fixtures; making the most of four WiFLY QA5 Bars and four WiFLY QA5 Pars, spread around the venue and manipulated using DMX. With five 5W quad (RGBA) LEDs, both the WiFLY QA5 Bar and QA5 Par allowed Brandon to create rich hues and smooth color mixing with which to wash the walls of the venue, offering incredible atmosphere and color. Without the limitations of power cables or XLR leads, Brandon had infinite options for the positioning of the uplighting effects, with the WiFLY Transceiver granting him up to 400-feet of DMX communication. Meanwhile, the QA5 Par’s ‘sit flat’ design allowed him to easily position the fixtures pointing directly upwards.

Two Inno Scans and two Inno Rolls were the cherry on top, creating unbeatable effects and pure lighting excitement for the school leavers. With separate color and GOBO wheels, and replaceable GOBOs, the Inno Scan LED and the Inno Roll LED allowed Brandon to utilize a range of colors and patterns with which to ‘wow’ the audience, while pan/tilt invert and strobe/pulse effects gave the lightshow extra intensity. “We used the scanners at this event due to the low ceilings and the small area I was set up in,” Brandon says. “Also, scanners have a big impact at a low cost!” Brandon also used our Flat Par Tri 7Xs, behind screens, to create a DJ glow booth, adding a cool finishing touch to his lighting set-up.

A further ‘none-ADJ’ aspect was the use of LED Video Displays, the content for which worked in conjunction with the ADJ lighting set-up to enhance the students’ party experience. “The screens were used to show 3D visuals, pictures, music videos, and our company logo. This is especially useful when the guests are taking pictures, as the logo can be seen in the background,” Brandon tells us. “With Facebook and social media, this is hugely effective!”

Steward’s Productions really did rock the prom down at Eldorado Country Club, and we are proud to have played a role in creating pure lighting excitement at this Prom Night party! Brandon was particularly enthusiastic about how important DMX lighting is for mobile DJs who want to put on seriously awesome shows. “If you’ve not invested in lighting then now is the time to do so; get yourselves into DMX light programming,” Brandon urges upcoming mobile DJs. “I book more shows at higher amounts due to the lighting solutions I bring to the table.”

Full list of products used by Steward’s Productions:
2x ADJ Inno Scan LED 
2x ADJ Inno Roll LED
4x ADJ QA Par38 
2x ADJ Ultra Bar 12 
4x ADJ WiFLY QA Bar QA5 
1x ADJ WiFLY DMX Transmitter 
4x ADJ Flat Par Tri 7X 
2x 32” Panasonic LED Video Displays
Light Bridge Crank Truss System
DJ Skirts Stand Cover

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