The Senior Prom is a big event in the high school calendar, marking the end of their journey through high school for that year’s graduating class. It’s a chance for young people to dress up and then party with their friends before, in many cases, heading off in different directions to colleges or jobs. Impressive lighting production is becoming more and more popular at these events, which is exactly what Brandon Steward delivered at a recent prom where he made use of more than 40 ADJ fixtures to create an awe-inspiring lightshow.

The organizers of Timber Creek High School’s 2016 Prom wanted something different. Having booked DJs with regular mobile setups in the past, this year they wanted more of a large-scale concert / club feel and set out on a search for a vendor that could offer something special. They found Brandon Steward’s company, Steward’s Productions, through social media and were impressed with the photos and videos they found showcasing the impressive lighting setups that Steward’s Productions have to offer. Following a phone call with Brandon, the booking was soon confirmed.

Taking place at the Downtown Fort-Worth, Texas Convention Center, the Timber Creek Prom was for over 800 students, so Steward’s Productions needed to go very big with the lighting system to provide the wow-factor that the organizers were looking for. Brandon’s team erected an impressive 40ft wide by 13ft tall DuraTruss rig at the front of the cavernous ball room, onto which they rigged a total of 48 DMX-controlled lighting fixtures.

Eight ADJ Pixel Pulse Bars were arranged across the top of the trussing, while a further eight fixtures were attached to the truss legs - two units on each of the four legs. These were used for color chases and blinder effects, creating the concert lightshow look specified by the organizers.

Dancefloor washing was then provided by twelve ADJ 12P HEX par cans which each pack in twelve incredibly powerful 12-Watt 6-in-1 RGBAW+UV LEDs allowing UV-infused color washes to flood the dancefloor. These were backed up by four ADJ COB Cannon Wash fixtures, each powered by an impressive 150-Watt RGBA COB LED, which were capable of filling the room with impactful wide-angled color washes.

The stage set was completed by two 60” plasma screens that were used to display ambient videos, 3D animations and scrolling text. Brandon’s team also used a further twelve ADJ 5P HEX LED Par fixtures as truss warmers to illuminate the entire truss structure from inside.

For mid-air beam projection, four Elation Professional Platinum Spot 5R Pro moving heads were used, as well as a pair of ADJ Warlocks. Powered by an eco-friendly 132-watt Phillips Platinum 2R lamp, which generates an output comparable to a standard 300-watt discharge lamp, each Warlock is capable of generating a blaze of moving colored beams. At Timber Creek High’s Prom, this completed the impressive lightshow which created an incredible atmosphere that ensured a packed dancefloor throughout the evening.

In addition to regular fog and haze effects for enhancing the lighting, Brandon’s team also added an extra ‘surprise’ effect of a C02 Club Cannon. When the party was well and truly started, they blasted the crowd with ice-cold fog to bring down the temperature on the dancefloor while cranking the atmosphere up even further!

To control the large number of fixtures on the rig, Brandon filled two universes of DMX channels and made use of ADJ’s WiFLY Battery wireless DMX transceivers to send the control signal from the DJ booth up to the truss. In total five transceivers were used, as the DMX wiring for the rig was broken down into four separate sections. Brandon did this so that if there was a cable fault it would only effect one section and not the whole rig.

Despite putting in such a large system, the setup for the event took Steward’s Productions just four hours. This was in part due to having a large team working on the event, but also down to Brandon’s pre-planning. He had programmed the DMX lightshow at home in advance and knew exactly where all the equipment was to be positioned. As soon as they arrived at the venue, Brandon brought his team in for a huddle and assigned tasks and made sure everyone knew what to do before they got started.

All of Brandon and his team’s hard work certainly paid off, as the Prom was a huge success. “When the kids came in and saw the rig their eyes got big!” Brandon told us. “They’d never seen anything like it. They were stoked!”

As well as providing the DJ and lighting, Steward’s Productions also supplied video and photography services to the event. In total this involved a 10-person crew to setup, operate and take down the rig, as well as film and photograph the party.

Brandon even helped the school with promoting the Prom. “Flyers and poster don’t work these days,” he explained. “They’re old school, a waste of time and money. But I put together a promo video for the Prom which the kids were able to share on social media and that created anticipation for the event”.

The combination of this video work, both before and during the event, as well as the music and lighting production, meant that Steward’s Productions’ contribution to the Timber Creek High School 2016 Prom was significant. This was appreciated by the school’s staff who were very impressed and already want to book Brandon and his team for their 2017 Prom!

Event: Timber Creek High School Prom

Venue: Downtown Fort-Worth, TX Convention Center

DJ / Production Company: Steward’s Productions,

Steward's Production Facebook Page 

Photography / Videography: Steward’s Productions

ADJ Gear List:

16 x ADJ Pixel Pulse Bar

8 x ADJ 12P HEX

12 x ADJ 5P HEX

4 x ADJ COB Cannon Wash

2 x ADJ Warlock

2 x ADJ Ultra Hex Bar

5 x ADJ WiFLY Battery

4 x Elation Professional Platinum Spot 5R Pro

40 ft.  x 13 ft. of Dura Truss F34 square truss

Timbercreek High School Prom Video Highlights:

Timbercreek High School Prom Video:

Timbercreek High School Prom Promo Video:

Timbercreek High School Prom - Hyping the Kids!: