The latest addition to ADJ’s range of professional lighting equipment, the Starship, is a modern take on a classic centerpiece effect. Ideal for installation in nightclubs, as well as for use as part of mobile lightshows, this unique fixture features six motorized bars loaded with powerful quad color LEDs that generate a myriad of intense moving and color-changing mid-air beams.

The Starship’s six motorized bars each offer independent tilt control with a range of 95-degrees and are positioned in a star-shaped configuration extending out from a central hub. Each bar is fitted with four individually-controlled 15W 4-in-1 RGBW LEDs which generate razor-sharp beams that cut through a haze-filled room. The combination of the six independent motors and 24 separate LEDs allows the Starship to create a wide variety of exciting effects that feature a mass of intense beams changing color and moving in different directions.

The fixture is supplied with a selection of mesmerizing built-in programs which make full use of its pixel control capabilities as well as its independent tilt motion. This allows for simple plug-and-play operation if required, which will be appealing for applications such as bowling centers, roller rinks and multi-purpose leisure complexes. The fixture also offers full DMX control, with a choice of two channel modes – 22 or 120 – allowing for integration into a larger lightshow within a nightclub or bar.

Color macros are provided to aid with quick programming, while variable speed strobing effects can also be accessed via DMX. The 120-channel mode offers full RGBW color mixing for each individual LED, allowing for the creation of a huge gamut of colors as well as custom animated color chase patterns. The fixture also has no duty-cycle, so can run all night long either in its standalone or DMX-controlled modes.

DMX addressing, as well as mode selection and control of the unit’s various operating parameters, is facilitated via a large backlit display positioned in the middle of the central hub. This is operated using four corresponding push buttons and is positioned alongside an in-built microphone which provides audio triggering for sound-activated operation of the internal programs.

Standard three-pin DMX input and output sockets are positioned on the side of the unit, alongside professional-caliber locking power connectors for both input and output. The output socket allows daisy-chaining the power supply for up to five of the fixtures at 120V or as many as nine at 230V.

Large rubber feet on the back of the unit mean that it could stand directly on a stage or truss totem, while a useful pair of metal handles are positioned at either side of the unit’s base to help with lifting, carrying and positioning the fixture. It is also supplied with a pair of Omega brackets which can be attached to the back panel to facilitate mounting either horizontally (for example above a dancefloor) or vertically (for example on a goal post truss rig).

A significant fixture, the Starship has dimensions of 25” x 23” x 7.3” / 632 x 583 x 186mm (LxWxH). However, despite its large size and robust metal construction, it weighs in at an easily manageable 25 lbs. / 11.3 kg. This makes it equally suited to use as part of a mobile lightshow as it is for permanent installation.

“Offering a modern take on the classic centerpiece, the new Starship brings the power-saving, low-heat, long-life advantages of LED to this timeless effect,” comments ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “Its powerful quad color LEDs generate strikingly-powerful super-sharp beams which, combined with its six independent tilt movements, allow for the creation of a wide variety of dazzling mid-air effects. A flexible fixture, the Starship is ideal for creating impact at the heart of a nightclub lightshow or large mobile lighting rig.”

The Starship is available now from ADJ USA and will be landing with ADJ Europe in mid-September.

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