Established for 15 years, sound:check Xpo is the main event in Mexico for technical professionals working in the music and show business industry. With a 12,800 m² exhibition area showcasing the latest in lighting, audio, video, DJ equipment, musical instruments, staging, and related services, ADJ has had a presence on the show floor for a number of years. However, following the opening of ADJ’s dedicated facility in Mexico earlier this year, we exhibited in our own right for the first time at this year’s show instead of being represented by a distributor.

“We wanted to create a real impact at the show and ensure that our booth stood out from all of our competitors,” explains Abraham Levit, General Manager of ADJ Products Group Mexico. “Customers told us that the booth looked totally different and they are very pleased to hear that ADJ is now fully established in Mexico with sales, support, and distribution setup at our dedicated facility here in Mexico City.”

One of the key product ranges showcased on ADJ’s large sound:check Xpo booth was the Vizi Series of professional moving heads. Mexican customers were able to witness the flexibility of the new Vizi Hex Wash7 and Vizi Q Wash7 moving head wash fixtures with their rich colors, powerful output, and flexible 5 – 55-degree motorized zoom, first hand. The stand also showcased the top-of-the range Vizi Beam 16RX, which harnesses the power of Philips® Platinum 16R discharge lamp technology to offer true spot / beam / wash hybrid operation.

“The whole Vizi Series was very well received”, enthuses Abraham. “Many customers were already familiar with the Vizi Beam 5RX, but the show gave us an opportunity to showcase the latest additions to the range. In particular, visitors were amazed by the output of the Vizi Series fixtures. We didn’t have a roof on the booth, and there was lots of ambient light, but all the beams still looked great! However, the star of the show was definitely the Vizi Beam RXONE because it has amazing optics which make it look brighter than you’d expect from a 1R lamp. This, combined with its fast movement, small size, and rich feature set, meant that it caught the eye of many visitors to the booth”.

To create a party atmosphere on the stand, ADJ Mexico brought in well-established Columbian DJ Luisa Sánchez, better known as Luff DJ, who played sets throughout each day of the show. Keeping the music flowing as visitors checked out the latest ADJ equipment, Luff DJ performed from an impressive curved DJ booth that took center stage within ADJ’s area of the show. Both the booth itself and a backdrop behind it were constructed from ADJ’s high resolution AV3 LED video panels. These large LED screens were used to display impressive video content that effectively demonstrated the huge creative potential offered by the AV3 panels.

“Visitors to the booth were amazed by the quality of the AV3 panels: their high resolution, their brightness, and their color saturation. We had great, colorful video content, which meant that people could see the AV3 system demonstrated to its full potential, and appreciate the advantages it offers compared to other competing products on the market. We also wanted to provide inspiration for the production companies visiting sound:check Xpo, demonstrating how the AV3 panels could be utilized at a large-scale event.”

The ADJ Focus Series of LED-powered moving head fixtures were also on display at the booth and attracted lots of interest from visitors. All offering advanced features – such as motorized focus and indexed, replaceable rotating GOBOs – each model in the range is suited to different types of applications. The incredibly compact Focus Spot One, powered by a 35-watt LED, is ideal for mobile entertainers and installation in venues with low ceilings. Meanwhile the Focus Spot Two, with its potent 75-watt LED, offers increased brightness while maintaining a relatively compact form, making it ideal for small-to-medium-sized nightclubs. Finally, the top-of-the-range Focus Spot Three Z with its high-power 100-watt LED and motorized zoom function is suited to larger venues and touring productions.

To compete the sound:check Xpo display, a water tank was setup on the booth to demonstrate the water resistant capabilities of ADJ’s WiFLY EXR IP range. With many production companies and installers in Mexico working on outdoor events and installations, equipment capable of withstanding downpours of rain can be essential. So, throughout the show, an ADJ WiFLY EXR HEX5 IP was subjected to a constant stream of water in order to demonstrate its true IP65 compliance.

“The ADJ booth was one of the busiest at the show”, sums up Abraham, “and the interest in all of the products on display was very positive. We met with many new customers who are working on lots of exciting projects that we are looking forward to providing equipment for in order to make them a reality. Following the show we’ve received a constant flow of emails and calls, making enquiries about the ADJ product range and placing orders. It’s a very exciting time for ADJ Mexico!”

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