For the second consecutive year, a large quantity of ADJ lighting fixtures were used to transform the massive Maaspoort Sports and Events space in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, for the Shockerz hard-style dance event. At the last installment of the annual party over 100 ADJ units were deployed, however this time the bar was raised dramatically with almost 200 fixtures spread across two huge dance arenas.

With an epic line-up of Dutch hard-dance DJs and live PAs, this year’s Shockerz event was dubbed ‘Project F.E.A.R.’ and attracted thousands of partygoers for 11 continuous hours of intense music. The audio, visual, lighting, and effects production for both of the two large dance spaces was the responsibility of local Dutch AV company Trend Productions, headed up by Mr. Adje van Veghel. Since this was such a large-scale production, Mr. Veghel also brought in another local lighting supplier, Mr. Jan van Bree and his company ALE Light & Sound, to help supply and install the epic lighting system.
Having been impressed with the performance of the variety of ADJ units used for the previous year’s Shockerz party, the Trend Productions team decided to return to ADJ for the majority of the lighting fixtures used across the event’s two large rigs. They were particularly impressed by the reliability of all the units, encountering no problems or malfunctions across the whole complement of fixtures used for the event. Another real advantage that Mr Veghel recognizes in ADJ equipment is its excellent value for money; offering a very good price versus performance ratio.

For the primary dance area of this installment of Shockerz, Trend Productions created a truly impressive rig that filled the vast space at the front of the venue’s main sports arena. This featured a central arrangement of four straight truss segments, which decreased in size from the lowest to the highest to create a pyramid-style effect. A large video screen was then positioned in the center of the ‘pyramid’, surrounded by a triangle of smaller screens. This structure was then flanked on either side by four quarter-circles of truss, which conversely increased in size from top to bottom. The trussing setup was then completed by four straight ‘fingers’ of truss, hung above the crowd, positioned such that they fanned out from the stage. With the DJ booth positioned at the center of it all, the effect of the set was impressive in itself. However, with the addition of a vast number of ADJ lighting fixtures rigged to the truss, the complete effect was truly awe-inspiring.

Lighting Designer Mr. Sjors van Erkeland specified no less than 96 of ADJ’s 108-watt LED-powered Inno Color Beam LED moving head beam fixtures, spread across the vast expanse of truss. This allowed the crowd to be bathed in vast swathes of richly colored light and meant that Mr Erkeland, who also served as the lighting operator for this area, could create impressive mid-air beam effects.

Interspersed with the Inno Color Beam LEDs, the Trend Productions team also rigged 24 ADJ Vizi Beam Hybrid 2R moving head fixtures for GOBO projections and further mid-air effects generated by the units’ in-built 8-facet prisms. These were further augmented by 12 of ADJ’s flagship Vizi Hybrid 16RX fixtures. Powered by revolutionary Philips® Platinum 16R discharge lamps, these ground-breaking moving heads offer a true hybrid of wash, spot, and beam functions. This meant that at different times during the event Mr. Erkeland could use the fixture to wash the stage or crowd, project sharp GOBO patterns around the venue, and generate pin-sharp moving beams.

The overall effect was truly epic. Thanks to the extensive truss rig, the lighting fixtures could be arranged such that their beams projected from all over the stage set as well as up above the dancefloor. The beams of vibrant color punctuated with crisp GOBO projections sweeping and spinning through the cavernous space above the mass of music-lovers on the dancefloor ensured that the energy level in the room never dropped throughout the whole 11 hour party.

For the event’s second area, a further line-up of ADJ fixtures were deployed to give this space a distinctly different feel, while also providing lighting operator Mr. Yannick de Kort plenty of beams, colors, and effects to work with. The focal point for this arena was an array of 24 ADJ Vizi Beam RXONE moving heads, arranged in 3 rows of 8 behind the DJ booth. These compact and quick fixtures are powered by potent Osram® Sirius HRI 1R discharge lamps which allow the creation of super sharp 3-degree beams of light that can travel up to 100 meters. This meant that Mr. de Kort could shoot a barrage of fast-moving razor sharp beams out from behind the DJs that traveled the whole length of the space to hit the back wall, filling the air above the dancers with a myriad of movement and color.

Further Vizi Beam RXONE fixtures were also rigged from a pair of trusses that were hung in the ceiling above the dance area. These were interspersed by 10 of ADJ’s unique 3 Sixty 2R moving head fixtures that each feature two independently tilting heads mounted to a common panning yoke. This meant that Mr. de Kort could project two different colored patterns, in different directions, from a single spinning base. He was therefore able to create a variety of dynamic, mesmerizing movements perfectly suited to providing the backdrop to the event’s frantic style of music.

The inclusion of another of ADJ’s unique fixtures completed the lighting rig in the second area; 8 ADJ Asteroid 1200s were spread out in pairs across the length of the two trusses above the dancefloor. These unique ball-shaped moving heads each feature 12 pixel-mappable RGBW LEDs and offer continuous 360-degree rotation of the head and yoke allowing for the creation of hypnotic, fast-paced mirrorball-style effects.

Due to the extremely fast BPM of the music played at Shockerz, this event truly puts the ADJ fixtures that are used through their paces. Running constantly for 11 hours, the heads are required to move rapidly throughout their whole pan and tilt ranges for prolonged periods of time to accompany the continuous and rapid beat of the music. We’re pleased to be able to report that, once again, all the fixtures that Trend Productions used for the event passed this grueling test with flying colors! Everyone involved was extremely impressed by the lightshow created by the variety of ADJ units, including the organisers, the Tread Productions crew, and – most importantly – the hordes of music lovers on the dancefloors!


Shockerz ‘Project F.E.A.R.’
Maaspoort Sports & Events, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands


Event Company:

Trend Productions

Sub Event Company:
ALE Light & Sound


Lighting Designer & Operator Area 1:
Mr. Sjors van Erkeland

Lighting Operator Area 2:
Mr. Yannick de Kort


ADJ Gear List:

Area 1

96 x ADJ Inno Color Beam LED

24 x Vizi Beam Hybrid 2R

12 x ADJ Vizi Hybrid 16RX


Area 2
48 x ADJ Vizi Beam RXONE

10 x ADJ 3 Sixty 2R

8 x ADJ Asteroid 1200


Shockerz "Project F.E.A.R." Photo Tour:

Video footage from this year's Shockerz Festival: