Utilizing a series of adaptable ADJ fixtures, Trend Productions creates a visually stimulating display of color beams, wash effects and strobing at European hard house festival Shockerz in the Netherlands.

Every good festival needs an energized atmosphere. And key to creating this atmosphere – aside from the music itself – is the lightshow that accompanies it. So, when Trend Productions took on the task of lighting the Shockerz hard house festival over in the Netherlands, they knew they could rely on a selection of ADJ’s most powerful, adaptable effects and fixtures to get the job done!

It’s fair to say that over in Europe they love partying to hard house music. Showcasing the very best hardstyle DJs, this year’s Shockerz was held at the Maaspoort venue in Hertogenbosch, Netherlands and drew in around 3000 visitors, providing them with one huge dance party!

Such a big event obviously needed the lightshow to match, so when the lighting designers explained that they had no preference when it came to brands, Trend Productions went with the products that they deemed most reliable, choosing a series of ADJ fixtures.

“Trend Productions went with ADJ products because they’re very reliable – often just as good as the top brands – and they felt that the price-to-quality was good,” explained ADJ Europe’s Pierre. “The lights performed very well! They didn’t have a single error during the whole show, not even a minor color error or anything like that.”

Shockerz took place inside one of the Maaspoort center’s huge halls, with thousands of music fans filling the space in front of the stage, an electric atmosphere building as they drank at the bars which line the room. The hardstyle event boasted an incredible line-up, featuring leading artists of the genre such as Crossfight, The Pitcher, Voidax and Deluzion. And – as the Shockerz logo appeared, emblazoned across a giant skull on the on-stage video screen – the audience knew they were in for an awesome night! What followed was one massive dance music extravaganza, as guests partied hard late into the night, loving the music but also being treated to an unbelievable visual display of sweeping beams, energizing strobe effects and more, all courtesy of ADJ.

In total, the event required 42 Vizi Beam Hybrid 2Rs, 60 Inno Color Beam LEDs and 10 Crazy 8s, providing a varied and flexible lightshow that lighting designer Ad van Veghel used to complement the music and create this party-hard atmosphere for an energized and excitable audience.

Incorporating 60 Inno Color Beam LEDs into his lightshow, Ad was not just able to scan the audience with sharply defined beams in a series of vibrant hues, but also wash the stage and immerse the entire venue in the same color. Thanks to the high-output 108W CREE LED source and concise 13.5-degree beam angle of the Inno Color Beam LED, eye-catching color beam effects were sent down into the crowd, with the fixtures mounted to the on-stage trussing. Utilizing the fixtures’ flexible 630-degree pan and 220-degree tilt movement, Ad was also able to send the beams shooting through the air above the crowd, generating pure lighting excitement in abundance!

Working with the Inno Color Beam LEDs to deliver a series of atmosphere-enhancing beam effects, the Vizi Beam Hybrid 2Rs were positioned flat across the front of the stage, allowing them to shoot upwards into the air to create some seriously cool effects, emphasized by the use of fog and haze. Again, Trend Productions chose the Vizi Beam Hybrid 2Rs for their reliability, but also for the added features that make them such versatile fixtures, including the spellbinding multi-beam effects created by the 8-facet prism.

“The engineer chose the Vizi Beam Hybrid 2Rs for their quality and also their reliability,” confirmed Pierre. “Trend Productions used them in the front but also to shoot beams out from the back of the stage, behind the DJs. They also made good use of the prism effects and the frost filter.”

Thanks to its unbelievably powerful Philips Platinum 2R discharge lamp, tight beam angle and huge levels of color variation, the Vizi Beam Hybrid 2R was the perfect choice for filling the venue with well-defined beams in a range of colors, working alongside the other ADJ products to produce a striking and memorable lightshow for guests.

While the beams and wash effects generated by the highly adaptable Inno Color Beam LEDs and Vizi Beam Hybrid 2Rs were undoubtedly a key aspect of the lightshow, Trend Productions also wanted an energetic party effect to enhance the visual experience that Shockerz provides. Adding crazily high levels of pure lighting excitement to the mix, Ad opted for ten Crazy 8s – more than enough to up the energy levels inside the expansive Maaspoort hall!

Mounted high above the crowds on the circle trussing in the center of the hall, the Crazy 8s allowed a frenetic, energized display of sharp, quick-moving beams to be generated, thanks to their 8W white LEDs, tight 4.5-degree beam angle and fluid movement. While the pre-programmed lightshows proved incredibly useful throughout the event, Ad also went in-depth with his control, utilizing the fixture’s dual-bar design and eight individually controllable LEDs to create an inventive display that imitated an aircraft – something that the crowd loved as they danced beneath it.

Although the team at Trend Productions only opted for a range of three ADJ effects, their versatility and high output meant that a far more expansive display of pure lighting excitement could be created throughout the venue. Providing slicing beams of light that worked incredibly well for mid-air effects and crowd scanning, lighting designer Ad also found that the extra features – such as the Vizi Beam Hybrid 2R’s frost filter – meant that he could also wash the crowd in vibrant greens and reds, and keep the atmosphere energetic with intense strobe effects. 

Out of all the ADJ effects used it was perhaps the Vizi Beam Hybrid 2R that became the star of the show, having a positive effect on the audience and being well-received by the production team: “Without any doubt it was the Vizi Beam Hybrid 2R which had the biggest impact,” said Pierre. “Not only did Trend Productions find the price to be very good, but they also found them very dependable. Simply put, they produce beautiful beams – and the beams were a big part of the lightshow at Shockerz!”

Shockerz is just another example of how adaptable ADJ lighting is; capable of bringing pure lighting excitement to the party, no matter how big the venue or what the style of music. Take a huge venue, fill it with music fans and provide a visually stunning lightshow that complements the hard-hitting, fast-paced sound of hard house – you’ve got yourself a real party! 

As always, for us it was a pleasure to see our products used by such a talented lighting designer and production team: thanks to a selection of our most innovative, flexible and affordable fixtures, Trend Productions was able to give the hardstyle-loving Shockerz crowd a party to remember – or not, as the case may be!


Maaspoort (Hertogenbosch, Netherlands)



Sound and lighting: Ad van Veghel (Trend Productions)

VJ: Jimmy Adriaansen and Jimmy Honderd

Light Operator (GrandMA):  Sjors Erkeland (ALE Light & Sound)


ADJ products used:

ADJ Inno Color Beam LED (x 60)

ADJ Vizi Beam Hybrid 2R (x 42)

ADJ Crazy 8 (x 10)


Video Footage of Shockerz Festival: