Frankfurt becomes an international celebration of innovation as ADJ wows visitors to Prolight + Sound 2015 with game-changing new products, a crowd-pleasing lightshow and the chance to get hands-on in the ADJ booth’s interactive area.

Earlier this month, ADJ joined the world’s top lighting manufacturers as they gathered in Frankfurt, Germany for Prolight + Sound 2015. A truly international event, it gave ADJ the chance to show off all of its latest exciting developments, with three innovative new products in particular piquing the interest of dealers and customers from across Europe and beyond.

As always, the ADJ booth provided an area for visitors to check out these products in the flesh, with the newly launched Kaos, Vizi Beam 5RX and AV6 being the focus of attention. There was an unbelievable response to all of the new products, but the AV6 video panel, in particular, received a ton of praise.

Marking an important development for ADJ, the AV6 is the company’s first ever modular LED screen system. Ideal for a range of applications, it’s reliable, affordable and highly effective, and users can easily link multiple panels together to create large screens of any shape or size. Offering high quality without the high price, ADJ has ensured that the AV6 makes impactful video panel solutions a possibility for those markets that would’ve previously found it impossible due to budget restrictions; providing high-end mobile DJs as well as small- to medium-sized churches, clubs, bars and other venues a chance to create more pure lighting excitement for their audiences. Visitors to Frankfurt were impressed by the product’s 6mm pixel pitch, pixel density (27,777 pixel/m2) and low weight (23lbs), as they saw the AV6 in action, displaying high levels of visual impact to stun the onlookers.

Also causing justified excitement on the ADJ stand was the brand new Kaos – a remarkable product that offers dual-movement and concise beams, allowing users to generate distinctive, attention-grabbing effects that bring pure lighting excitement to any venue or event. An impressive centerpiece fixture, the Kaos looked incredible mounted above the ADJ booth, as its three lighting beam battens, which each house three 10W quad-color CREE LEDs, sent nine color beams flitting through the air above the crowds. With the battens being individually controllable and mounted on a rotating base in a distinctive triangular layout, visitors also got to see the unique multi-directional movements of the fixture, making for one of the show’s most memorable moments!

The third new ADJ offering that really built up a buzz at Frankfurt was the Vizi Beam 5RX, with guests being given an exclusive preview on the ADJ stand. Building on the success of the Vizi Beam 5R, the Vizi Beam 5RX utilizes motorized focus, allowing its beam to stay in focus even when moved to project over different distances. The fixture also offers an ultra-tight 5-degree beam angle as well as a much lower price point, enabling users to create powerful concise beam effects without spending big bucks. Visitors were particularly impressed by the unit’s brightness, with the fast-moving new fixture being powered by the revolutionary Philips® Platinum 5R 189W discharge lamp, co-engineered by ADJ and Philips to offer a light output comparable to a regular 575W discharge lamp-powered fixture. With independent GOBO/color wheels and an 8-facet prism too, ADJ also showed off the array of vivid color hues and spellbinding effects that the Vizi Beam 5RX is capable of, making for some captivating demonstrations.

With these products, and more, on display, the ADJ booth was busy throughout the show! The booth was laid out with a raised up meeting area, where visitors and staff alike could mingle and network, as well as a separate section where all of the latest ADJ products could be tried and tested. Thanks to a twice-hourly lightshow, featuring stunning effects set to music spanning the last three decades, the ADJ booth attracted huge crowds, who gathered to celebrate 30 years of pure lighting excitement.

Also drawing visitors to the ADJ booth was the new budget-conscious Startec Series, which continues to garner intense interest due to the portability, power and low price point of products such as the Jelly Gressor, Starburst, Mini Dekker and Stinger. These latest additions have revitalized the series and visitors enjoyed seeing them working their magic throughout the show!

Undoubtedly, Prolight + Sound 2015 provided ADJ with a unique chance to show game-changing products – like the AV6 – to both its potential and existing customers. But it’s the fact that Frankfurt is such a global show that made things even more special. It was a pleasure to meet with international distributors from places as far flung as South Africa, the Middle East and Russia, as well as dealers from across Western Europe, showing that customers around the world are turning to ADJ for innovative, flexible and affordable lighting products. Users both local and international got the chance to get hands-on with the latest ADJ gear, giving them the opportunity to make their own informed decisions and see pure lighting excitement unfold before their eyes.

Check out a “First Look” at the AV6 Video Wall from Prolight + Sound 2015:


Check out a “First Look” at the ADJ Kaos from Prolight + Sound 2015:



Check out a “First Look” at the ADJ Vizi Beam 5RX from Prolight + Sound 2015: