When Atlanta Sound & Lighting’s Scott Waterbury wanted to create a unique lightshow to match Privé Atlanta’s reputation for quality VIP customer service and the expensive taste of its stylish guests, he turned to the flexible but affordable lighting solutions of ADJ to bring the magic…

A classy, popular nightclub situated in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, Privé Atlanta is a venue adorned with lavish décor and visited by well-dressed, high-end clientele, who can enjoy world-class customer service and an audio-visual experience like no other as they sit at VIP tables with bottle service.

Of course, such a high-class establishment requires a lightshow to match; which is why Scott Waterbury, from ADJ dealer Atlanta Sound & Lighting, opted for ADJ and Elation Professional when he was tasked with the install in the club’s medium-sized lounge. One unique aspect of the install is that the whole lightshow is LED; a choice which allowed Scott to produce a versatile display that doesn’t emit excessive heat and remains efficient. The fixtures employed by Scott to complete the install included 24 ADJ Mega Bar 50s, 28 ADJ Inno Color Beam LEDs, and 20 Elation Espot LED IIs, as well as the use of 170 rolls of Elation Flex Pixel tape!

Scott used the Mega Bar 50s to fill the space in the ceiling above the dance-floor with color, while the Inno Color Beam LEDs project tight beams of vibrant color down into the venue, adding energy through fast-paced movements and flashing to create an intense, club-style atmosphere for guests. The Inno Color Beam is a favorite of Scott’s; chosen for its affordability and the serious punch it provides, it’s a familiar weapon in his lighting arsenal. With a light source consisting of 36 3W CREE LEDs, in red, green, blue and white, the Inno Color Beam LEDs provide the lightshow with moving effects in a range of colors, while the 13.5⁰ beam angle ensures that the beams stay concise, cutting through the fog and haze to great effect. The Mega Bar 50s, meanwhile, offer smooth RGB mixing, while their low heat output and low power draw of 18W make them an efficient addition to the lightshow, emitting very little heat onto the dance-floor. With 32 color macros to choose from and a range of in-built programs, they can flood the ceiling above the dance-floor with both static colors and color-changing effects.

Perhaps the most eye-catching element of Privé Atlanta’s new lighting display, however, is its DJ booth. It’s been covered in Elation Flex Pixel tape, allowing cool video effects and animated text to be projected across the curve of the booth – including the name of the club, ensuring that clients know exactly who it is that’s providing the party! Scott also used the pixel tape behind the booth, following the concave line of the wall. This combination of concave and convex effects really plays with the eyes, creating an enticing visual sensation for dancers and adding to the club’s unique vibe.

Also utilized by Scott to bring pure lighting excitement to Privé Atlanta was the Elation Professional eSpot LED II. With 20 of these high-power 60W LED moving heads dotted around the venue, their seven rotating, interchangeable GOBOs and eight colors (plus white) can combine to bring eye-catching color patterns to every corner of the club, while their infinity prisms and strobing capabilities take the light show to another level. Scott had used the eSpot LED II for previous installs, describing the fixture as a ‘work horse’ and citing its big punch, 15-20ft throw, and hassle-free operation as the primary reasons for choosing it.

To control the lightshow, eight Acclaim AL Net 8 DMX interfaces were used, and with each of them holding eight DMX universes, Scott had plenty of channels with which to create a mind-blowing lightshow! Completing the install, he also added three Antari Z-350 fazers; taking the atmosphere up a notch and emphasizing the concise beams of the Inno Color Beam LEDs and eSpot LED IIs.

The flexibility offered by the ADJ and Elation products that Scott chose means that the lightshow can be tailored to any type of event, ensuring that Privé Atlanta can cater for corporate events, bar/bat mitzvahs, cocktail receptions, charity benefits, launch parties, fashion shows, live entertainment, wrap parties and screenings for TV and film. No matter what the event, guests can relax in a beautifully lit venue that looks superb when the Inno Color Beam LEDs bring the dance-floor to life and the Mega Bar 50s cast the entire lounge in luscious purples, pinks and blues. Modern touches like the pixel-taped DJ booth, meanwhile, make Privé Atlanta more than just a place for guests to kick back and enjoy VIP bottle service at their table, but one where they can let their hair down and party too.

It’s been a pleasure to have worked with Atlanta Sound & Lighting once again, and we love the fact that ADJ products helped Scott deliver the goods at Prive Atlanta! After all, a venue with such potential, not to mention high-class clientele, deserves a lighting display to match. With Privé Atlanta’s classy reputation, Scott’s vision and our high-quality but affordable products, magic was made in Atlanta – proof that when venues, installers and manufacturers come together, the results really are unstoppable!


Privé Atlanta: http://privenightclub.com

Gear List:

ADJ Inno Color Beam LED (x 28)

Elation Flex Pixel tape (x 170 rolls)

ADJ Mega Bar 50 (x 24)

Elation eSpot LED II (x 20)

Acclaim AL-Net 8 (x 8)

Antari Z-350 (x 3)

Dealer/Installer: Scott Waterbury (Atlanta Sound & Lighting)

Photo/Video: Arnoldo Offermann

Check out a video tour of Privé Atlanta