Whether you’re a lighting designer, sound engineer, AV technician, mobile DJ or any other kind of entertainment technology professional, getting a reliable power supply to your equipment is essential. Lighting, video and audio equipment capable of filling a venue with a true entertainment experience takes a lot of juice and – especially in the world of touring, festivals and one-off special events – cheap plastic power strips simply won’t cut it. That’s where ADJ’s new POW-R BAR LINK comes in, it’s a heavy duty linkable power bar that has been specially designed for use by entertainment tech pros!

The POW-R BAR LINK is fitted with six surge-protected 3-prong Edison sockets, which are located on its top panel and are well spaced out to accommodate even the most bulky of plugs. Its power input is supplied by a professional-caliber locking powerCON socket on one side of the unit and a corresponding powerCON output socket is also located on the other side. This means that multiple POW-R BAR LINKs can be ‘daisy-chained’ together.

A 6-foot power cord fitted with a 3-prong Edison socket is supplied with the POW-R BAR LINK, but other lengths of cord can also be used to allow the unit to be positioned wherever it is needed. Any length of powerCON extension can then be used to link multiple POW-R BAR LINK units, making them a flexible solution for distributing power across a stage setup. One or more POW-R BAR LINKs are ideal for providing the backline power for bands at concerts and festivals, and they are equally well-suited to providing power distribution at FOH and monitor mix positions.

The POW-R BAR LINK is also fitted with an M10 bolt hole on its rear panel, which can be used to fit a clamp to allow hanging from a truss or lighting stand. This means the unit is also ideal for providing simple and reliable power distribution for a lighting rig or AV installation.

A total maximum load of 15 amps can be supplied through the POW-R BAR LINK and it is fitted with a built-in circuit breaker that offers protection against current surges of up to 6000 amps. Since its operating voltage is 120V, the POW-R BAR LINK is suitable for use in the US and Canada (and it has ETL approval), however it can’t be used (and won’t be sold) in Europe and other countries that have different supply voltages.

With a heavy-duty metal construction, the POW-R BAR LINK has been designed to withstand the rigors of the road. It is also compact – measuring 10.5” x 3.3” x 2.5 (268mm x 84mm x 65mm) – and lightweight – just 3.0 lbs. (1.3 kg), making it ideal for use as part of mobile sound, lighting or AV setups.

In addition to the POW-R BAR LINK, ADJ has also recently launched the POW-R BAR65. With a similar all-metal casing and arrangement of six 3-prong Edison sockets, the POW-R BAR65 also integrates a 4-port USB 3.0 hub and an additional USB charging port. This makes it ideal for use in DJ booths and at audio/visual control positions both for providing power to equipment and also for connecting USB devices such as controllers and hard drives to a laptop. The additional charging port also provides a useful socket for powering a phone or tablet, while the shape of the unit has been designed so that it can also act as a stand for such devices.

Combining rock-solid build quality with a well-informed design, the POW-R BAR LINK and POW-R BAR65 offer a professional solution for power distribution to the entertainment technology world. Equally suited to powering a DJ booth, AV control setup, stage or lighting rig, these unique power bars will provide a reliable and safe power supply for all of your lighting, audio, video or DJ equipment.

The POW-R BAR LINK is only available with 120V Edison sockets from ADJ USA & ADJ Mexico.

To learn more about the ADJ POW-R BAR LINK, visit: http://www.adj.com/pow-r-bar-link
To learn more about the ADJ POW-R BAR65, visit: http://www.adj.com/pow-r-bar65


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