When it comes to lighting equipment, it’s often true that you can have any color as long as it’s black! But sometimes a black fixture just isn’t appropriate, which is why we’re now offering all-white Pearl models of our best-selling Element HEXIP wireless uplighter and Pocket Pro compact moving head.

While black-cased fixtures are ideal for situations where units need to blend into the background in a dark environment, in other circumstances they can really stick out like a sore thumb. That’s where Pearl fixtures come in; on the inside they offer the same output and features, but on the outside they feature a brilliant-white gloss finish. These fixtures are ideal for use by mobile entertainers and production companies working on weddings and other functions that require a high level of aesthetic detail. They are also ideal for installation in church sanctuaries, which are usually decorated in light colors, and bars or lounges that have a white color scheme.

The Element HEXIP Pearl is a fully wireless up-lighting fixture that features four 10-Watt RGBAW+UV (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, White + UV) LEDs, which can be mixed together to create an almost limitless palette of colors. The inclusion of white and amber LED elements allow for both brilliant cool white and ambient warm white hues, while the UV component means that electric shades of pink and purple can be created.

The compact fixture is fitted with a wireless DMX receiver that utilizes ADJ’s WiFLY EXR (extended range) technology. This means that it is capable of receiving a wireless control signal from a compatible ADJ WiFLY EXR controller or transceiver from a distance of up to 2,500 feet. In addition to DMX, the units can also be controlled wirelessly via infrared using either ADJ’s UC-IR remote or Airstream IR iPad/iPhone control system (both sold separately). It can also run in standalone mode, with a 4-digit LED display on the back panel providing a menu-driven interface that allows access to preset color macros, automatic color change and fade patterns, as well as full color mixing.

As a completely wireless fixture, the unit is also fitted with a powerful lithium ion battery which allows 11 hours of continuous illumination (single color) between charges. Then, once the battery has been depleted, just 4.5 hours of charge time is all that’s required to return it to full capacity. What’s more, the unit also has an IP54-rated weather-proof casing, meaning that it can be used outdoors even if rain is expected!

Ideal for wall-washing, the Element HEXIP Pearl is fitted with an integral carry handle and in-built feet which mean that it can simply be dropped in place and be ready to go. It also features a built-in kickstand which allows the beam to be easily angled inwards towards a wall if required; this creates a more intense wash and minimises light spill onto the ceiling above.

Combining the latest LED technology, extended range wireless DMX and a powerful rechargeable battery in an elegant all-white weather-proof casing, the Element HEXIP is the ultimate up-lighting unit. This chic and robust fixture can be used to create powerful washes of light in absolutely any color, wherever you need it – indoors or out, without the need for a single cable.

The Pocket Pro Pearl, meanwhile, is an all-white version of the extremely popular mini moving head fixture that we launched last summer. This lightweight, compact and incredibly affordable unit utilizes a bright white 25-Watt LED light-source focused through an advanced optical system to create vivid surface projections and impactful beams. It also offers replaceable GOBOs, an advanced feature that is unprecedented on a moving head of this size and at such a low price-point.

The unit is fitted with a 7 position (+ open) GOBO wheel pre-loaded with a collection of detailed patterns, some of which are particularly suited to surface projection while others are ideal for creating mid-air effects. An intuitive hinged-case design then allows any of these patterns to be easily replaced. Once the fixture has been opened up, the pre-installed GOBOs simply slide out to allow replacement with alternative patterns. Four additional GOBOs are supplied with the unit, while custom patterns can also be used. The fixture is compatible with any metal GOBO with an outer size of 18.4mm and a visible area of 13mm.

A separate color wheel is included, which is loaded with seven vibrant color filters (plus open white). Further control over the unit’s output is also provided by a 0-100% digital dimming function, with five selectable dimming curves, and a digital shutter function which provides variable speed strobing (between 0.3 and 19Hz) as well as random pulse effects. With a beam angle of 15-degrees, the Pocket Pro Pearl is ideally suited to creating mid-air effects and projecting patterns in small-to-medium-sized venues and is fitted with a manually adjustable lens that can be used to ensure sharply-focused GOBO projections at varying distances.

The unit offers three operational modes – DMX, Sound Active and Internal Show – which can easily be selected from the 4-segment LED display positioned on the front of the fixture. A choice of four separate pre-programmed sequences can be selected for the Internal Show mode, while a choice of two channel modes (11 or 13) is provided for DMX control. Multiple fixtures can also be linked together for Master/Slave operation – in either Sound Active or Internal Show mode – and the unit’s Pan/Tilt Inversion feature can be used to create contrasting movements for added excitement. The fixture is also compatible with ADJ’s UC IR infrared wireless remote as well as the Airstream IR iPhone / iPad control system (both sold separately).

The Pocket Pro Pearl is the ultimate compact and affordable moving head. Offering powerful output from its 25-Watt LED and an expansive feature set – including the game-changing replaceable GOBO wheel – it is ideal for mobile entertainers, small clubs and bars, roller rinks, bowling centers, churches and any mobile production.

The new Element HEXIP Pearl + Pocket Pro Pearl are both available now, and a variety of other fixtures from across the ADJ range are also available in elegant all-white Pearl versions. So, when you choose ADJ lighting, black isn’t your only option!

To learn more about the ADJ Element HEXIP Pearl, visit: http://www.adj.com/element-hexip-pearl
To learn more about the ADJ Pocket Pro Pearl, visit: http://www.adj.com/pocket-pro-pearl