Taking place at the exhibition center attached to the Royal Armories Museum in the city of Leeds in the north of England, on Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th of May, PLASA Focus Leeds presented a showcase of the latest lighting, audio, AV, rigging, and staging technology. Attracting visitors from across northern England, as well as Scotland, Ireland, and the rest of the UK, ADJ was well-represented at the show by a booth packed with the company’s latest professional lighting and video fixtures.

Attended by lighting designers and other entertainment industry professionals, as well as technicians, managers, and buyers from installation and productions companies, churches, and theatres, PLASA Focus Leeds is well-established on the UK exhibition calendar. Throughout the two days, thousands of visitors poured through the show’s doors, with the team on the ADJ booth kept busy non-stop from start to finish.

“PLASA Focus Leeds 2017 was a great show for ADJ,” commented ADJ’s European Sales and Marketing Manager, Kris Dawber, “It was very well attended, as always, and we received lots of positive interest regarding the whole range of products that were on display. It’s also a really good networking show, so it was a fantastic opportunity to meet with new and existing customers, and hear how ADJ equipment is being used for one-off events and permanent installations, in all kinds of venues, all across the UK and Ireland.”

Although the show is very well attended, it’s exhibition area is relatively small. This means that the space available to each exhibitor is limited, however the ADJ Europe team did a great job of utilizing their booth space effectively to demonstrate the capability of ADJ’s professional product range. The booth showcased six premium moving head fixtures, each offering a unique feature set suited to a variety of different applications.

The Vizi Hex Wash7 and Vizi Q Wash7 moving head wash fixtures were demonstrated for the first time at a UK trade show, with visitors impressed by their rich colors, powerful output, and flexible 5 – 55-degree motorized zoom. Another fixture that generated lots of attention was the Vizi BSW 300, ADJ’s most powerful LED-powered moving head to date. Offering hybrid beam, spot, and wash functionality, this potent fixture utilizes a 300W white-light LED source and is ideal for a wide range of touring applications and permanent installation situations. Completing the line-up of LED-based moving heads on display, ADJ’s 100W LED-powered Focus Spot Three Z also attracted lots of interest. Sitting at an incredibly affordable price point, this compact yet potent fixture offers a rich feature set that includes motorized zoom and focus, as well as indexed rotating GOBOs and two separate 6-facet prisms.

Other fixtures from the Vizi Series were also showcased that utilize lamp-based light-sources. The incredibly compact and agile Vizi Beam RXONE, with its super-sharp 3-degree beam angle and potent Osram® Sirius HRI 1R long-life discharge lamp, is ideal for installations and productions where space is at a premium but powerful output is also essential. Finally, the Vizi Beam 16RX – the flagship of the range – was also on display. Harnessing the power of Philips® Platinum 16R discharge lamp technology and offering true spot / beam / wash hybrid operation, this fixture is ideally suited for use on big productions and for installation in large venues. Featuring an extremely rich feature set – including dual GOBO wheels, GOBO morphing, motorized zoom, motorized focus, and two rotating prisms – this top-of-the-range moving head fixture offers huge creative potential to lighting and production designers, at an incredibly affordable price point.

Each of the moving head fixtures on display were mounted on a separate truss podium and each of these were powder-coated in a different vibrant color. “We decided to used rainbow-colored truss to promote our DuraTruss range and also to demonstrate the fact that we can offer powder-coating, providing truss in any color that our customers need,” explained Kris. “It also served to brighten the space, making it a little more interesting. It really meant that our booth stood out from the aluminum truss used by all the other exhibitors.”

In between the truss podiums the ADJ team positioned a series of vertical screens made up of the company’s high resolution AV3 LED panels. Video content was then displayed across all five screens, utilized as one large video display, to demonstrate the potential of this highly effective, but also incredibly affordable, modular LED video panel system. Meanwhile, elsewhere on the booth, the lower-resolution AV6X panels were also on display showcasing the different options available to customers depending on their specific video requirements.

Finally, the booth was also used to demonstrate ADJ’s LED-powered Ikon Profile GOBO projectors and Encore Profile range of ellipsoidal fixtures that harness the power of COB LED light-sources. Ideal for a wide variety of applications, from stage lighting to architectural illumination, these innovatively-designed and feature-rich units provide users the advantages offered by LED technology without skimping on brightness.

PLASA Focus Leeds 2017 was a very successful show for ADJ, with lots of interest generated by the company’s expanding range of professional lighting and video products. After the summer, the ADJ Europe events calendar will continue with the biggest trade shows to take place in the UK. The ADJ team will be out in force at:

PLASA London
September 17-19

October 22-23