This month ADJ will once again be exhibiting at the world-renowned PLASA show in London. An essential event for professionals working in the entertainment technology industry, the show attracts visitors from across the UK as well as many other countries around the world. ADJ will use the exhibition to showcase a variety of its latest lighting and video fixtures suitable for both permanent installations and touring productions.

Offering a winning combination of video clarity, reliability and affordability, ADJ’s AV Series of LED video panels has proven extremely popular worldwide. Building on the success of the original AV6X, which offers a 6mm pixel pitch, the AV Series now features a range of models suitable for a wide variety of permanent installation and touring applications. The recently launched AV2 model boasts an extremely tight 2.97mm pixel pitch, making it ideal for use in situations where audience members will be relatively close to the screen. The AV4IP, meanwhile, is a 4.81mm pixel pitch panel benefiting from an IP65 weatherproof rating making it suitable for temporary outdoor use. All of the AV Series models have been designed for easy use and serviceability, with standard powerCON and etherCON input and output connections and simple rigging mechanisms. A variety of the panels will be on display at PLASA 2018, giving visitors the opportunity to experience the AV Series for themselves and to decide which model is the most suitable for their particular requirements.

ADJ’s Vizi Series of moving head lighting fixtures covers the whole gamut from affordable and compact, to powerful and fully-featured, offering something suitable for every type of event or installation. At PLASA, the focus will be on the four hybrid units in the range, which combine the three functions of a beam, spot and wash into one versatile fixture. Hybrid moving heads offer a cost saving over the use of three separate fixture types as well as a reduction in electricity consumption and required rigging, trucking and storage space. Utilizing a potent and efficient 330W Phillips Platinum 16R lamp, the ADJ Vizi Hybrid 16RX is a powerful and feature-packed moving head that is ideal for use in large venues. If offers 14 colors plus white, two separate GOBO wheels (one with replaceable slots), two rotating prisms (6-facet linear and 8-facet circular), as well as motorized focus, zoom and shutter functions, making it a flexible lighting tool. Building on this impressive combination of light output and beam shaping features, ADJ’s new Vizi CMY 16RX offers the same light source and features with the significant addition of full CMY (cyan, magenta and yellow) color mixing, which gives designers the creative freedom to select from a vast pallet of potential colors. The Vizi Series also offers the option of hybrid fixtures fitted with modern LED light sources, with the associated benefits of long operating life, low power consumption and reduced excess hear. The Vizi BSW 300 uses a specially-designed 300W LED engine to generate a level of brightness previously unobtainable from an LED-powered fixture. It also offers two independent color wheels, two rotating 6-facet prisms (circular and linear), motorized focus and two GOBO wheels (one with rotating replaceable slots and the other incorporating three beam reducing apertures), allowing it to be used to create a wide variety of lighting effects. Finally, the Vizi CMY300 features the same potent 300W LED light source but with the added benefit of full CMY color mixing.

Launched earlier this year, ADJ’s new range of weatherproof LED Par fixtures will also be on display at PLASA 2018. The 7P HEX IP, 12P HEX IP and 18P HEX IP all feature a distinctive metallic casing design with an IP65 rating, making them suitable for use both indoors and outdoors regardless of the weather conditions. Offering a beam angle of 30-degrees, each of these fixtures utilize an arrangement of powerful 12-Watt 6-in-1 HEX (red, green, blue, amber, white & UV) LEDs to provide lighting designers, integrators and installers with a huge palette of colors including UV-infused hot pink, lime green and electric blue. All three units are equipped with powerCON True1 input and output sockets as well as IP-rated 3-pin DMX input and output sockets fitted with waterproof rubber caps. This means that IP-rated power and DMX linking cables can be used for outdoor applications, however standard XLR and powerCON cables can also be utilized if the fixtures are used indoors.

Bringing the benefits of LED – low temperature, low power consumption and long lamp life – to the world of theatre lighting, ADJ’s Encore FR Series of Fresnel fixtures generate soft-edged beams of warm white (3000K) light. At the top of the range is the Encore FR150Z, which is equipped with an 8-inch Fresnel lens and powered by a potent 130W LED light-source. For smaller stages, the Encore FR50Z features a 6-inch Fresnel lens and a 50W LED, making for a compact yet highly efficient fixture. Both models offer a variable beam angle of between 8- and 50-degrees, and are fitted with locking powerCON input and output sockets as well as professional 5-pin XLR input and output connections to allow standard DMX control. Finally, the recently released Encore FR20 DTW is a compact version fitted with a 2-inch Fresnel lens and a 17W LED. Ideal for illuminating small stages and retail displays, this slimline fixture features Dim-to-Warm technology, for a halogen-style dimming profile, and is Triac dimmable (compatible with Lutron and Leviton wall dimmers or ADJ dimmer packs).

A modern LED twist on the iconic halogen Par Can, ADJ’s new PAR Z120 RGBW is powered by a potent 115W quad color C.O.B (Chip On Board) LED. Combining red, green, blue and white chips into a single LED, the unit’s light-source allows for extremely smooth color mixing while casting no color shadows. Packaged in a standard Par 64 casing, this flexible fixture offers five different beam angle options – 7, 11.5, 16, 20.5 and 25-degrees – which can be easily selected using a manual latch system. The fixture is supplied with a gel frame in which diffusion filters may be inserted to further change the beam angle, while locking powerCON input and output sockets allow the power supply for multiple fixtures to be daisy-chained from a single socket. Also on display at PLASA 2018 will be the new PAR ZP120 RGBW model, which offers the same fixture but with a striking polished silver exterior housing. The Par Z120 RGBW and PAR ZP120 RGBW allow lighting and stage designers to achieve the look of traditional stage pars with the technological advantages of modern LED light-sources.

PLASA 2018 will take place at the Olympia exhibition center in London, September 16 thru 18. ADJ will be exhibiting on stand H38 and – in addition to all of the latest video and lighting equipment on display – members of the ADJ team from the UK, European and US offices will be on hand to offer demonstrations and answer questions.


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