Following the huge success of ADJ’s PinPoint GO range of compact battery-powered spots, a new product has recently been added to the line-up. The PinPoint GO WW Plus offers the same flexible mounting options as the other units in the range, but features a warm white LED light-source for that classic pin spot look. Whether you need to spotlight tables for an elegant dinner, highlight specific venue features for a party, or create ambient beam effects in a hazy room, the PinPoint Go WW Plus is an essential tool for your lighting arsenal.

Powered by an effective 3W warm white (2700K) LED, the PinPoint Go WW Plus has a beam angle of 20-degrees. This makes it ideal for spotlighting architectural features or specific areas of an event space. Further expanding its wide variety of potential uses, the unit is also supplied with a set of four color gels – red, green, blue, and amber – as well as a Frost Filter. This can be used to expand the beam angle out to 40-degrees, allowing the fixture to be also used as a wash light if necessary.

Each unit also incorporates an internal battery, which really expands your options for creative event lighting. These unobtrusive fixtures can be positioned anywhere within a venue, without the need for power cables, providing discrete light beams wherever you want them. The powerful battery allows the unit to run continuously for 10 full hours, and this can be increased to an incredible 18 hours using the Energy Saving mode.

As with the other models in the PinPoint GO range, the new WW Plus model offers a variety of mounting options that make setting up easy in any situation. The spotlight itself is attached to a variable angle bracket which is fitted at the end with a powerful magnet. This can be used to attach the fixture directly to any metal surface, such as roof I-beams and air conditioning vents, making rigging an incredibly easy job. Alternatively, the fixture can also be easily bolted to a regular clamp or bracket for conventional rigging to a truss, T-bar, or goal post stand.

The unit is also supplied with an innovative X-CLIP bracket, which can be easily attached to, and removed from, the fixture as and when you need it. This useful bracket features grooves designed to grip the metal rails that support drop ceilings. All you need to do to attach it is to position the open X-CLIP against the rail and side the two parts together. This will cause the grooves to slide around the rail, gripping it tightly, providing an easy and secure method for attaching the PinPoint GO WW Plus anywhere in a room fitted with a drop ceiling.

The unit features a power switch as well as a Mode push button and corresponding status LED. This can be used to select between 17 different brightness pre-sets – ranging from 6% to 100% brightness – and also for engaging and disengaging the Power Saving mode. Both Slow Fade and Fast Fade programs are also included, allowing dynamic mood lighting effects to be created quickly and easily. Simple remote control of the fixture is also possible using the ADJ LED RC3, UC IR, or Airstream IR App  (each sold separately). This will prove useful if you need to setup a spotlighting system in advance of an event and then quickly switch on all of your lights later in the day.

Featuring a high-tech plastic case design, the unit is finished in white which helps it to blend with white walls and ceilings. Despite its impressive light output, the fixture itself is extremely compact and lightweight. Measuring 7.25” x 3.5” x 2.5” / 183 x 90 x 61mm (LxWxH) and weighing just 1 lbs. / 0.5 kgs, the PinPoint GO WW Plus is very easy to setup, carry, store, and transport.

If you’re a mobile entertainer looking for a simple way to spotlight a wedding cake, for example, the PinPoint Go WW Plus offers a practical and affordable solution. Equally, if you run a décor or production company and need to quickly setup a wide variety of light-sources throughout a venue, this compact and flexible fixture is ideal. Other potential uses include illuminating a mirror ball or spotlighting a logo at a corporate event. Whatever your pin spotting requirements, the powerful warm white beam of this compact fixture – and its ability to operate cable free – makes it the perfect tool for creating pure lighting excitement.

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