Compact, battery-operated and available in all-white, tri-white and quad-color, ADJ’s new PinPoint GO series provides a range of versatile new pinspotting solutions that let users enhance the atmosphere of their events like never before.

ADJ knows the importance of effective pin-spotting; how it can make or break an event and create unbelievable atmosphere inside venues and event spaces. With the introduction of products like the Pinspot LED Quad and Event Bar Q4, recent developments have already seen ADJ taking pin-spotting to the next level. But now the company is opening up exciting new possibilities for users across the spectrum with its latest PinPoint GO series of battery-powered pinspot solutions.

The primary fixture in the new series is the PinPoint GO, which uses a 3W cool-white LED source and a tight 5-degree beam angle (15-degree with supplied frost filter) to generate well-defined beams of white light that are perfect for mobile DJs, entertainers, event producers and lighting designers that need to pinspot event features and venue décor to transform an event or bring a venue to life.

Not only does the PinPoint GO produce exciting effects, but it’s also battery powered, avoiding the limitations of power cables and allowing users to position the unit wherever they need to. An impressive battery life of over seven hours (or 21 hours in energy saving mode) ensures that users can run the fixture for the entirety of their event, while a DC port allows for easy charging in under five hours. Flexible positioning is further assisted by the PinPoint GO’s magnetic and X-CLIP brackets, which make it easy for the user to attach the light to metal surfaces, drop ceiling frames, trussing or a tripod. The light also comes with a safety O-ring to attach to safety cable, a frost filter and color filters in red, green and blue, giving users a range of diffusion options. Control options for the PinPoint Go are achieved from the mode button on the rear of the fixture or from the ADJ LED RC3 IR wireless remote (sold separately).

 So, for users who want an all-white pin-spotting solution that’s battery-powered and incredibly bright, the PinPoint GO is perfect for lighting first dances and speeches, spotting tables, or emphasizing centerpieces, cakes and décor. This means that the PinPoint GO – like all of its counterparts within in the series – is perfectly suited to weddings, birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate events and society occasions.

Of course, all-white spotlighting isn’t always enough. Sometimes white can be too cool and more warmth is desired to generate a unique and inviting atmosphere inside a venue or at an event. To meet these requirements, ADJ has delivered the PinPoint GO TW – similar in some ways to the PinPoint GO, with the same compact design and 20-degree beam angle (40-degrees when using the supplied frost filter), but utilizing tri-white color by offering a single 5W TRI-White LED in cool white, warm white and amber.

This versatility in color allows users to create whites and ambers in a range of hues, so they can tailor the color to the event or situation at hand. Unlike the PinPoint GO, the PinPoint GO TW is equipped with mode selection that offers built-in colors, with smooth end results enabled by the color-mixing capacity of its LEDs. Similarly equipped with a rechargeable battery, users can still deliver effective pinspotting from almost any angle and run the PinPoint GO TW for approximately four hours on full power, and seven hours in energy saving mode. The same mounting options and filters as the PinPoint GO are also provided. Control options for the PinPoint Go TW are achieved from the mode button on the rear of the fixture or from the ADJ LED RC3 IR wireless remote (sold separately).

While pin-spotting in white is vital for many events, ADJ’s new PinPoint GO series also offers users a color version. Instead of all-white or tri-white LEDs, the PinPoint GO Color offers a single 5W quad-color (RGBA) LED source, as well as a 20-degree beam angle (40-degrees when using the supplied frost filter) allowing users to generate the same distinctive beams as its sister models but in an array of smoothly mixed colors. The unit is battery-operated, rechargeable and will run full-on for over four hours (six hours in enegy saving mode), allowing users to bring concise pin-spotting to their event for extensive periods of time. Just like its white and tri-white equivalents, the PinPoint GO Color also comes with a frost filter included, for superb color diffusion. Control options for the PinPoint Go Color are achieved from the mode button on the rear of the fixture or from the ADJ LED RC2 IR wireless remote (sold separately).

The PinPoint GO, PinPoint GO TW and PinPoint GO Color each offer something different, delivering unique pin-spotting in a range of colors with varying hues and temperatures. What makes them undeniably similar, however, is their compact and lightweight design. All of the PinPoint GO units take up very little room, allowing mobile DJs, entertainers and other users on the move to incorporate atmosphere-enhancing pinspot solutions into their existing setup without forsaking valuable space. This ensures that the option is there to create pure lighting excitement and captivate the crowds by providing dynamic pinspotting at every venue and event.

For even more convenient portability, ADJ also offers the PinPoint GO Pak, which includes four PinPoint GO units, one ADJ UC3 wireless remote and an ADJ Carrying Case. This all-in-one package is perfect for event producers, lighting designers and mobile users looking to incorporate multiple PinPoint GO units into their lightshow. It’s also ideal for those that want the bulk of their pinspot setup to be white, while the PinPoint GO TW and Color models can be purchased separately to add variation and flexibility. Weighing just 1 pound (0.5kg) per pinspot, the PinPoint GO Pak is incredibly lightweight, despite containing four units, and is the ultimate way to transport and store the PinPoint GO series units securely.

“Pin-spotting is an essential element of event lighting for many of our customers and we wanted to build on the previous success of products like the Pinspot LED Quad and or Pinspot LED BP, battery powered pinspot, with a versatile new series,” said Alfred Gonzales, National Sales Manager for ADJ USA. “Our new PinPoint GO series offers users a range of compact pinspot solutions, varying from all-white to tri-white to quad-color. Not only this, but we’ve made the units battery-operated and ensured a fast charge-up time, allowing users to deliver effective pin-spotting from every angle for sustained periods.”

Whether users want to pinspot in white, warm white/amber or RGBW color, the PinPoint GO series gives them the option to do all three, ensuring adaptability to any situation. Meanwhile, with the highly convenient all-in-one PinPoint GO Pak also available, event producers, mobile entertainers, venues and lighting designers also have the option to keep multiple units on hand, allowing them to emphasize the key aspects of their event and draw the audience’s attention to those all-important special moments – no matter what the size of the venue. Battery-powered and incredibly compact too, the PinPoint GO series gives users game-changing new levels of versatility and portability without the need to break the bank.

All PinPoint Go fixtures are available now from ADJ USA and ADJ Europe.

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To learn more about the PinPoint Go, visit:

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